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East Stroudsburg, PA, June 05, 2024 –(– Joanne Musa, founder of®, is holding a Tax Sale Success Masterclass on “Tax Lien Investing 101” on Thursday, June 6 at 5 pm Eastern Time, 1 pm Pacific.

Is it possible to get high returns on investments in property taxes? The ultra- rich have been investing their money for double-digit returns from the government’s right to collect unpaid property taxes for decades. But the truth is this investment vehicle is available to everyone. Here is how it works:

When a property owner fails to pay their property taxes, the local government places a lien on the property for the back taxes owed. This tax lien gives the government the right to collect the amount owed plus interest and penalties. If the property owner fails to pay, the government can auction off the lien to investors who are willing to pay the outstanding taxes on the property.

Investors can pay the outstanding taxes and become the lien holder of the property. This gives them the right to receive the amount owed, plus interest, from the local government when the lien is redeemed. In some states, the interest rate can be as high as 12%-24%.

The risk of investing in tax lien certificates is relatively low because the government is the one that stands behind the investment, and they have the power to foreclose on the property if the owner fails to pay the taxes owed. The rate of return on a tax lien is fixed by government law and does not change with the markets or the economy.

“Overall, tax lien investing can be a profitable investment option for those who are looking for high returns with relatively lower risk,” says Ms. Musa. “But here’s the catch, you’ve got to do it right or you can lose your money by not following the correct rules and state-specific procedures. You can also lose money on your investment if you fail to conduct proper due diligence before making any investment decision.”

How to invest profitably in tax liens and tax deeds is the topic of TaxLienLady’s® next Free Tax Sale Success Masterclass on Thursday, June 6, 2024, at 5:00 pm Eastern time. This is a live virtual training conducted via Zoom.

This masterclass is perfect for newbie investors in liens or tax deeds, as well as for those who have some experience but haven’t been able to get the results they want. It’s also good for the curious who want to learn more about how to invest for high returns without the typical headaches of owning real estate or the uncertainty of the stock market.

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