FREE Webinar Hosted by Purdue MEP to Improve Production Scheduling

SOUTH LYON, Mich., Sept. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Purdue Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) and User Solutions, Inc. are partnering to improve manufacturers’ production scheduling. The organizations will offer a series of free seminars along with on-site assessments to identify how companies can become more competitive.   

Utilizing grant funding, the initial webinar will help manufacturers understand the variables and problems in generating an efficient schedule. Specifically, how manpower, materials, and personnel need to be synchronized and minimized to provide the best possible service at minimum cost.

Attendees will then be offered a one-day assessment (on-site or virtual) to determine their biggest challenges regarding creating, maintaining, and tracking an efficient production schedule. In addition, these companies will be provided with options to alleviate said challenges.

According to Eugene Jones, Senior Program Manager – Cybersecurity and Defense for Purdue MEP, “Many of our clients are faced with multiple production scheduling challenges. Both those with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology and those without a formal system. Some are finding that their current ERP requires tedious manipulations of information to get useful product data. While others are learning that extraneous expenses surrounding an ERP can add up, whether it is through purchasing additional support from the ERP seller or by investing in off-the-shelf software to work around current problems.”

Jones continues, “The purpose of these webinars and subsequent follow-up assessments is to bring to light the significant benefits of developing an ERP solution that works best for each manufacturer and to identify resources available that can help overcome ERP challenges. In some cases, it might include the exploration of alternative solutions that can function as an ERP.” 

On-site assessments and training are grant-supported for companies in the defense industry or those interested in working in the defense industry. Implementation services are grant-supported for companies currently in the Defense Industrial Base (DIB). Companies in the DIB are defined as having 10% revenue from the Department of Defense in any one of the past 5 years. 

Who should attend:  Owners, operations managers, production managers, VPs of manufacturing, plant managers, supply chain managers, material managers, and shop floor supervisors.

The next seminar is October 12, 2020

Title: Production Scheduling – Beyond ERP


About Purdue MEP: Purdue MEP, part of the MEP National Network, provides high-value, affordable, personalized consulting and training services that enable Indiana manufacturers to work smarter, compete, and prosper. We develop more effective business leaders, drive product and process innovation, promote company-wide operational excellence and foster creative strategies for business growth, workforce development, economic competitiveness, and greater profitability.

About User Solutions, Inc.: User Solutions, Inc. founded in 1991 was chosen as a partner for this program based on their approach to adapt software to address particular unique challenges using common tools.  They have solutions ranging from an Excel Template all the way to advanced cloud-based systems using the latest technologies.  Their goal is always to MINIMIZE the maintenance work (including initial setup) while MAXIMIZING benefit return.  They have been working with Purdue MEP for decades and many of their clients’ special requests have been incorporated into Resource Manager-DB and EDGEBI (Enhanced Drag and drop Graphical Environment with Business Intelligence).  30 second overview found here:

SOURCE User Solutions, Inc.