Gail Amity’s New Book, “Smokin’ Dope: 50 Years of Fun, Crimes, and Harm Reduction,” Documents the Author’s Efforts to Reduce Any Harm to Her Health While Using Cannabis –

New York, NY, February 15, 2024 –(– Fulton Books author Gail Amity, who has been state licensed for social work for twenty-three years, has completed her most recent book, “Smokin’ Dope: 50 Years of Fun, Crimes, and Harm Reduction”: a thought-provoking memoir that explores life lessons from the author’s personal and professional life, and how focusing on harm reduction can be a better course of action for those concerned about the long-term health effects of smoking cannabis.

Author Gail Amity has practiced forms of social work for fifty-three years, eventually specializing in anxiety and trauma resolution using art psychotherapy and dream work, among other techniques. She has facilitated literally thousands of individual, family, and group counseling sessions, learning along with her clients. As a mature woman, the author has become more mindful, and that is making a difference. She wants everyone to know the human subconscious is still highly operative, accessible, and critical to human growth and development, although it is often overlooked by today’s “behavioral health” industries. She believes the subconscious is where trauma can hide.

“The original motivation to write this memoir came out of all the people who have made negative comments about my cannabis use,” shares Amity. “I come from a Scottish family of problem drinkers and drug users who nevertheless liked to try to tell me what I was doing wrong. When cannabis was legalized medically and recreationally, I thumbed my nose at all of them! Luckily I had also skated without legal consequences or employment consequences (except for a couple of jobs I wasn’t so sorry to lose).

The author continues, “Our culture and standard addiction treatment want to lock us into an either/or thought process, geared toward achieving sobriety. I’ve often said that sobriety is for those who can’t handle drugs and alcohol. Instead I think humans should focus on exercising self-care and harm reduction across all our behaviors.”

Published by Fulton Books, Gail Amity’s book is inspired by the author’s own usage of cannabis for just over fifty years, the consequences she has faced, and her continuing efforts of reducing harm to her health while still partaking. Deeply personal and enlightening, Amity shares all that she has learned over the course of her life in order to help those who seek a new method of controlling their cannabis use in order to find a healthy balance and take care of their health over the course of the long term.

Readers who wish to experience this engaging work can purchase “Smokin’ Dope: 50 Years of Fun, Crimes, and Harm Reduction” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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