Gary Corbin’s Newly Released “The Book of Revelation, Its Timeline: Overview of the Beginning, and Much More!” Unveils Intriguing Insights Into Biblical Prophecy –

Prescott Valley, AZ, June 06, 2024 –(– “The Book of Revelation, Its Timeline: Overview of the Beginning, and Much More!” a captivating journey through the complexities of the book of Revelation, is the creation of published author, Gary Corbin.

Corbin shares, “This book provides a guide for understanding the time line of the book of Revelation as John presents it. This includes a closer look at the seven churches of Asia Minor as well as a brief review on the history of the Rapture doctrine and its origin. Although overlooked by traditionalists, the image of the beast that can speak could actually be already with us. This image that can speak was first introduced on October 6, 1927 (the jazz singer) at the world’s fair as the first feature film talkie, then escalating into our modern-day AI electronics. As far as being put to death for not worshipping the image of the beast goes, that will come in due time. The time line of these and other events speaks volumes as these events started six years before Adolf Hitler became the fuhrer of Nazi Germany. That German political title fuhrer carries the connotation of messiah, hence ‘national deliverer.’ Six years after Adolf Hitler usurps power, WWII ignites as extreme inflation collapses the world’s financial institutions, culminating into the Great Depression between 1927 and 1939. The Great Depression is not the only possible explanation for this ‘deadly wound’ but might include something as simple as a segment in a movie as the actor seems to receive it as if it were a deadly wound but gets up and lives on after the movie’s director calls, ‘Cut!’ Especially with CGI, this only gets more extreme. Six years later, WWII ended in 1945. This and other theories are based on the fact that the beast of Revelation is clearly a man rising out of the sea as the sea is many people. The false prophet rises out of the earth, being the nations sweeping up the world in an ecumenical movement with the deification of love.

“This book will revisit the subject of where the northern ten tribes of Israel migrated to after their divorcement and disbursement from the area of their captivity by the Assyrians. Later, these same northern ten tribes—not called Israel but Bit-Khumri by the Assyrians migrated with the Israelites into Scythia. However, before the bulk of these ten tribes migrated northwesterly, some claim they declined an invitation back to Jerusalem to help the Jews (Judah) rebuild the Second Temple under Zerubbabel, Ezra, and Nehemiah (Ezra 1:1–6, 2 Esdras 13:41–45). In this study, the reader will be provided with information for those with an appetite for God’s Word, learning the meaning of biblical numbers and much more.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Gary Corbin’s new book offers readers a comprehensive resource for studying and understanding the prophetic messages contained within the book of Revelation. Whether seeking to deepen their faith or gain a greater understanding of biblical prophecy, readers will find Corbin’s book to be an invaluable guide.

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