Genius Monkey and StatSocial Form Data Partnership for Audience Insights Reporting Expansion Built from Social Platform Data Sets

TEMPE, Ariz., Oct. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Meta-DSP company Genius Monkey announced a partnership with StatSocial, an industry-leading social audience insights platform built to empower marketers and researchers to make more informed decisions. StatSocial leverages a comprehensive set of self-declared social audience data for a deeper understanding of consumer audiences, brand measurement, and social and influencer ROI.

Genius Monkey – who has been paving the way in the programmatic attribution space for 10 years – continues to push for better ways to show ad lift, effectiveness, and audience insights in order to test and redeploy to converting audiences for maximized ROI. Under a multi-year partnership, Genius Monkey is integrating StatSocial to show a deeper relationship between the targeted audience and their interest affinities.

Genius Monkey COO, Travis Champ, had this to say about the partnership announcement:

“Audience insights and the ability to learn and optimize has always been a primary focus here at Genius Monkey. However, extracting that data from every DSP and network can limit the amount of data points you are able to collect on any individual, giving you only a vague knowledge of their true persona and personality.” Champ continued “On top of this, Google Analytics persona and demographic data is notoriously not the most accurate. That is why Genius Monkey sought out an integration with StatSocial through Genius Monkey’s identity graph in order to map household devices and data points to billions of social media platform profiles. This integration allows the Genius Monkey platform to learn more about what users that are being targeted are truly interested in, who they are, and have the ability to use those insights to further optimize our platform users’ campaigns.”

The StatSocial integration will allow Genius Monkey to:

  • Analyze current customer base to identify and compare niche audience segments, and create new consumer audiences within the platform for valuable insights that will guide future go-to-market decisions
  • Deploy powerful always-on tracking to better understand exposed and engaged social audiences, further improving our ability to measure campaign impact and brand awareness
  • Expand survey and panel data to include over 85,000 new customer attributes such as passions, interests, preferred media, and much more
  • Enrich respondent profiles with social affinity data, allowing us to be more flexible and launch on-the-fly analyses to incredibly niche sample audiences

Jeremy Hudgens, CRO of Genius Monkey, had this to say: “One of the most important things to us at Genius Monkey is showing continued value to our platform users. We have been listening to user input and the request for more audience insights and have delivered just that through this StatSocial partnership. We are very excited to put these data sets to work and continue ROI optimization while providing users with more knowledge on their customer base.”


Travis Champ

Chief Operating Officer

Genius Monkey

[email protected]

SOURCE Genius Monkey