George W. Denninghoff Appointed EVP, Americas at Simms & Associates –

Corona, CA, January 26, 2024 –(– Simms & Associates, a prominent figure in the workforce management sector, proudly welcomes George W. Denninghoff as its Executive Vice President, Americas. George brings a distinguished career spanning over 25 years, marked by a remarkable record of accomplishment in driving revenues, building high-performing teams, and fostering long-term customer satisfaction.

In joining Simms & Associates, George expressed his motivation, stating, “I enjoy helping build organizations and increase their ability to scale for the next level of growth.” He envisions leveraging his diverse experience to contribute to the growth and success of Simms & Associates in North America.

“We are thrilled to welcome George to our leadership team, where his expertise perfectly aligns with our expansion goals in the North American market,” states Amanda Simms, CEO & President of Simms & Associates. “Having established strong local leadership, we are taking a significant stride in advancing our growth within the North American market. The rapid expansion of Simms & Associates North America is now bolstered by our local leadership, poised to drive our accelerated growth.”

Prioritizing customer service, George emphasizes the importance of setting expectations and delivering on promises to drive customer satisfaction. He also outlines his approach to refining and optimizing processes, focusing on innovation and return on investment.

Looking ahead, George envisions leveraging his knowledge and reputation to align his expertise with the company’s goals, driving success in the North American region. With a focus on growth and building lasting partnerships, George Denninghoff’s appointment marks a significant milestone in Simms & Associates’ journey towards becoming a global leader in the workforce management sector.

With existing relationships within Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG), George is well-placed to continue the close partnership between the two companies and increase Simms & Associates’ customer base in North America.

In conclusion, George Denninghoff’s appointment as EVP, Americas marks a pivotal moment in Simms & Associates’ journey towards global leadership in the workforce management sector.

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