Goronson Farm Reveals Plans to Grow Kosher, Certified-Organic Etrogs in Maine – PR.com


Scarborough, ME, February 28, 2024 –(PR.com)– Goronson Farm, located in Scarborough, Maine, reveals its plans to increase the cultivation of Kosher, certified-organic Etrogim. But what exactly is an etrog? Etrogs are special fruits with a rich historical background. They’re a citron, a bit like a lemon, but they have thick yellow, bumpy, and super fragrant rinds. Some think these are the original Tree of Knowledge in the Garden of Eden. Nowadays, they’re grown for the Sukkot harvest festival and used to make unique jams, jellies, pies, and Etrogcello.

To make sure these etrog trees grow just right and are certified Kosher we follow ancient Halakha Agricultural laws under the supervision of a rabbi. Currently, all the Etrogim imported to Maine are grown conventionally – meaning with the use of pesticides. But Goronson Farm wants to change that.

“We plan to grow certified-organic, certified-Kosher Etrogs for our communities,” said Maureen Goronson, the owner of Goronson Farm. “We are determined to provide our community with safe and delicious Etrogs.”

For more details about their exciting plans to create a small orchard for these special trees:

• Who: Maureen Goronson, (207) 357-7447 or maureengo2@yahoo.com
• What: Building an orchard & community space to grow Kosher, certified-organic etrogim
• Where: Goronson Farm, Scarborough, Me
• When: March 2024
• Why it matters: Currently there is no source of Kosher, certified-organic etrogim available. Families have the right to fresh, organic food that is safe to eat and to share with their children.

Goronson Farm is a small, woman owned, certified organic farm in Scarborough, Maine. Maureen specializes in rare, heirloom fruit & flowers. The farm currently grows @144 fruit trees, including Chinese Honey peaches, Apricots from Iran, Russian Plumcots, French apricots and houses 2 small vineyards. The farm is also home to Wooden House Winery, maker of Country Wines.