GrabOn Marks a Decade of Success as the Leading Self-Funded Startup

GrabOn, India’s renowned online savings platform, celebrated its 10th anniversary this month. The Hyderabad-based startup has redefined online shopping over the years by providing users with millions of coupons across diverse categories. This milestone has not only boosted the capabilities of this platform but has also solidified its position as India’s premier coupons marketplace.

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Ashok Reddy, CEO of GrabOn

Talking about the same, Ashok Reddy, the CEO of GrabOn, said, “Over the past decade, GrabOn has evolved from a small startup into a pioneering force in the world of online savings. When we started our operations in 2013, the vision was simple yet audacious: to make savings accessible to everyone. We recognized the power of coupons and discounts in enhancing the shopping experience and helping consumers make the most of their hard-earned money. Our commitment to this vision, combined with the tireless dedication of our team, has brought us to where we stand today.”

The Start of a Decade-Long Journey of Savings
Ten years ago, with a small office space in Hyderabad and a group of 5 passionate interns, Ashok Reddy, a Harvard Business School and ISB alumni took his first step into the domain of couponing. 

He says, “In the startup environment, external funding often takes center stage but GrabOn chose a different path. We opted to bootstrap our way to success, relying solely on our team’s passion, innovation, and relentless pursuit of excellence. This decision wasn’t without its challenges, but it allowed us to maintain our autonomy, make decisions that align with our core values, and prioritize our users above all else.” 

Within a few months of its launch, GrabOn found recognition on several notable platforms and bagged prestigious laurels over the years, such as the IBM Startup Award in 2016, a feature in the Financial Times list of high-growth companies in Asia-Pacific in 2020, and Economic Times ET 100 Most Promising eCommerce Companies in 2021 to name a few.

Reddy further adds that this feat is not a milestone for the company alone but for the team who invest their time and effort into making the platform a success. He believes that their dedication combined with rewarding partnerships, deliver value to users and act as the driving force behind the company’s growth.

Thousands of Successful Partnerships
GrabOn has forged partnerships with over 4,500 leading e-commerce brands, helping them reach a wider audience and providing 45 million+ consumers with exclusive discounts. These partnerships have played a vital role in GrabOn’s growth and strengthened its position in the market.

“I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to our partners who have been instrumental in our success. Without your trust and support, none of this would have been possible. Here’s to many more years of innovation, growth, and success together,” says Ashok.

A Glimpse into the Future
GrabOn celebrates its 10-year milestone while setting its sights on a promising future. In 2022, GrabOn expanded its footprint into the competitive U.S. coupon space, marking its first step toward global expansion. 

It has ambitious plans to extend its reach into other countries, providing consumers worldwide access to unbeatable deals and discounts. The company remains committed to its core values of innovation, customer satisfaction, and affordability.

Ashok Reddy sheds light on the company’s future strides by stating that the company will continue to adapt to the evolving needs of users, embrace emerging technologies, and explore new avenues to enhance shopping experiences.

GrabOn Dasvi: A Day-Long Festivity
“GrabOn Dasvi” commemorates these feats and extends its heartfelt gratitude to its loyal users, dedicated team, and valuable partners. Ashok Reddy thanks all the significant players in GrabOn’s story for being part of this incredible journey. He says, “The best is yet to come!”