Grass Valley Publishers, LLC Releases “You Can’t Go Home Again,” the Debut Novel From New Author Christian Hendrix –

Saint Paul, MN, July 11, 2024 –(– Grass Valley Publishers, LLC is releasing “You Can’t Go Home Again,” the debut novel from Minnesota author Christian Hendrix. Original conceived as a piece of flash fiction in 2006, Hendrix turned it into a full-fledged novel, completing it in 2019.

Read what reviewers are saying about “You Can’t Go Home Again”:

“5/5 stars. A poignant exploration of identity, belonging, and the complexities of human relationships, one which will take readers on a unique journey into a very particular headspace that many will never have experienced before.” – Reader’s favorites.

About “You Can’t Go Home Again”
After four years abroad, Lenoir Adams has come home. But something is different. As her friends and family attempt to adjust to this stranger, Lenoir’s behavior becomes increasingly erratic. She spends her days preaching about “the light” and her night’s meeting with mysterious new friends. As the news cycle continues round-the-clock in a post-9/11 world, her circle increasingly agonizes over her path, and rationale. The heartbreak and regrets from the past come to a head, as does Lenoir’s plan, setting them all to wonder if anybody really knows anyone. And if home is ever the same again.

About the Author:
Christian Hendrix is the author of five novels, many short stories and three almost-novel-length novellas. He is a librarian, a video gamer, a novice piano player, digital data hoarder, endless Reddit scroller, news junkie, a concert and cinema attendee, and many other multipotentialite activities. Christian considers himself a hedonistic generalist that is interested in many activities without mastering any of them. When he’s not reading or writing, he is known to blast Trance music and go on long bike rides. He lives with his wife and dog incognito in an expansive, nondescript suburb outside of St. Paul, MN. For more information, visit his website:

About the Publisher:
Grass Valley Publishers, LLC was established in 2024. After years of attempting traditional publishing and only snagging a short story in a small newsletter, Christian Hendrix decided this time could be spent more wisely, this time could be spent writing. He wrote between life events such as graduate school, marriage and growing a career as a librarian. Once the prose felt ready for the world, Christian Hendrix decided to create his own imprint, Grass Valley Publishers, LLC.

Grass Valley Publishers:

“You Can’t Go Home Again” is now available for purchase through various retailers, including, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and many others.