Gray Water Ops’ Patented Smart Coin™ Revolutionizes Charitable Giving, Harnessing the Power of Donor Dedication –

Harrisburg, PA, February 23, 2024 –(– Gray Water Ops, an innovative veteran-owned fundraising solutions company, today announced the launch of its patented Smart Coin™, designed to transform the way charities engage with donors and generate sustainable funding.

Inspired by Einstein’s famous theory of relativity (E=mc²), Gray Water Ops introduces the Theory of Donor Dedication (C=md²). In this model:

C represents the potential for charitable impact through a custom-designed, patented Smart Coin™.

m represents the mission or the cause of the non-profit.

d stands for donors and dedication, multiplied by itself to underscore the exponential power of passionate supporters.

“Just as Einstein’s theory demonstrated the immense energy potential within small amounts of matter, our Smart Coin™ unlocks the vast potential within each act of donor dedication,” said Keith Hanshaw, Artist and Owner of Gray Water Ops. “By equipping donors with a tangible, technology-infused custom minted coin, we create a deeper emotional connection with your cause, empowering each donor to become an ambassador for the charity and an extension of your fundraising efforts.”

The Smart Coin™ utilizes embedded NFC technology, allowing people who tap their smartphones, to the coin, to connect instantly with your donation page, exclusive content, and loyalty programs. This seamless interaction transforms a keepsake, from a simple coin that sits on a display, into a fundraising tool linking people to your donation page in real time. It fosters increased engagement, leading to a stream of additional donations and a perpetual fundraising cycle on a grassroots level.

“We envision a world where every act of generosity ripples outward, inspiring others to join the cause,” Hanshaw continued. “The Smart Coin™ isn’t just about fundraising; it’s about igniting a movement and improving donor engagement and emotional connection to your cause.”

About Gray Water Ops
Gray Water Ops is dedicated to empowering charities with cutting-edge fundraising tools. This patented Smart Coin™ technology helps organizations build stronger relationships with donors, maximizing the impact of every contribution.

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