GreenTek Innovation Inc, Taiwan’s ESG Paper Bottle Innovation Company, Has Been Recognized by International Beer Manufacturers –

Mercer Island, WA, December 22, 2023 –(– GreenTek Innovation Inc (GTI) is an ESG-related company led by Inkstone Capital. It used its exclusive patent in the “2023 Impact Hub100+23 ESG Environmentally Friendly Innovation Product Competition” hosted by Budweiser Beer Company, one of the world’s largest breweries. The “composite 100% plant-based paper bottle” won the first prize. Jan Clysner, Vice President of Sustainable Development and Procurement of Budweiser Asia Pacific Headquarters, personally awarded GTI the certificatef honor. Mr. Hsu Youzheng, the founder and chairman of GTI, personally received it. The company aims to replace plastic containers. After several years of research and development and improvement by founder and chairman Hsu Youzheng and the company’s R&D team, the company has invented a composite 100% plant-based paper bottle without using plastic materials at all, overcoming the problems of paper’s strength and waterproofness, has made outstanding contributions in the field of sustainable development (ESG). This honor is an affirmation of GTi’s environmental innovation in the field of paper packaging materials, and also demonstrates GTI’s leading position in the field of environmentally friendly packaging.

GreenTek Innovation Inc. (GTi), an ESG-related company led by Inkstone Capital, is a company focused on the development of environmentally friendly innovative products. It has a number of environmentally friendly patents from around the world and has obtained more than 50 patent certificate. At the same time, GTi Company has also signed cooperation agreements with many well-known brand companies, such as Coca-Cola, Heineken, Procter & Gamble P&G, France’s L’Oréal and China’s Yunnan Baiyao Toothpaste Company, to jointly develop innovative environmentally friendly packaging material products.

GTi Company focuses on developing the world’s exclusive patented environmentally friendly products, including environmentally friendly paper bottles, paper toothpaste, ointments, cosmetic hoses, double-layer paper cup lids, curved paper straws, straight paper straws, paper hookah pipes, environmentally friendly screws, and environmentally friendly flat milk bags and other innovative products. Their business has expanded to global markets, including Taiwan, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates and other places.

Inkstone Capital has a special purpose acquisition company listed on the Nasdaq Global Market main board led by Inkstone Chairman I-fa Chang and his Taiwanese investor friends. The main funds come from several corporate investment institutions on Wall Street in the United States and business owners in traditional industries.

Chang I-fa, serves as the co-founder of Greentek Innovation Inc. and the chairman and CEO of AIMAU. I-fa Chang himself is the chairman and CEO of Inkstone Capital and an assistant professor of the Public Banking Department of Mingchuan University. He has more than 20 years of investment management and consulting experience. In 2012, I-fa Chang established Inkstone Capital Co., Ltd. (“Inkstone Capital”), a technology-focused investment consulting company that serves clients from across the Taiwan Strait and three places, and has served as its CEO to this day. Before establishing Inkstone Capital, Mr. Chang also served as the Managing Director of ARC China Investment Company.