Groundbreaking COLLAB Takes Over Iceland’s Beverage Scene

REYKJAVIK, Iceland, Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — MyntNews, In an industry ripe for innovation, COLLAB has successfully disrupted the non-alcoholic beverage sector, unveiling an entirely new product segment that seamlessly bridges physical  performance and well-being. With an eye on expansion, COLLAB has announced its launch in the Swedish market, bringing its award-winning formula to an eager new consumer base.

With an impressive rise from a standing start to gaining 30% of the market share in Iceland within four years, COLLAB has tapped into a previously unexplored customer demographic hungry for a beverage that promotes both vitality and health. This new category has proven to be a game-changer, securing COLLAB’s position as the nation’s most favoured beverage. What sets COLLAB apart is its groundbreaking formula – a rich blend of pure marine collagen protein sourced sustainably from Arctic fishing by-products and natural caffeine devoid of added sugars. This innovative pick-me-up offers consumers a refreshing beverage that harmonizes energizing qualities with wellness, establishing a new benchmark in the functional beverage sector.

A testament to its widespread acclaim, COLLAB was awarded the prestigious World Beverage Innovation Award in 2022, standing tall as the “Best Functional Beverage” of the year. This accolade underlines the brand’s commitment to catering to the evolving needs of today’s health-conscious consumer.

The story of COLLAB is a narrative of a successful partnership between the innovative marine collagen start-up FEEL Iceland and Ölgerðin, Iceland’s largest beverage producer. This alliance has fostered a product that not only revitalizes the consumer with a burst of energy but also supports long-term health benefits, courtesy of its unique concoction of collagen and vitamins. Each can contains 5.9 grams of hydrolyzed marine collagen, backed by renewable energy sources, the production of COLLAB is a beacon of sustainable practices in the industry.

The spotlight now turns to Sweden, where consumers are eagerly anticipating the arrival of COLLAB – a beverage that promises to redefine the meaning of functional beverages, offering a tantalizing blend of vitality and wellness with caffeine for now and collagen for the future.

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