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Ronkonkoma, NY, February 13, 2024 –(PR.com)– “America’s Sons and Daughters of Thunder Purified by Fire”: an enjoyable and articulate look back to America’s roots. “America’s Sons and Daughters of Thunder Purified by Fire” is the creation of published author, Harry Swanson, a dedicated husband, father, and grandfather who holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s degree in business and finance.

Swanson shares, “America’s Founding Fathers left a strong impression with most Americans that they had intended their newly formed nation to be grounded in Christian principles. Many of the founders professed that their established government framework would only succeed under a moral Christian-based society. Some even favored having elected politicians that feared their own judgment day with the hope that it would deter them from temptations faced in political office. They desired the American people be of virtue and not just belonging to a certain favored church or religion.

“Most of the founders favored the separation of church and state due to the potential for abuse of power. But they recognized both as being essential and desired each work together in tandem. At the same time, they recognized that if the society was to last, it needed to hold to a higher level of moral character.

“Clearly, the founders considered themselves as Christians even if they kept it as a private personal matter. The founders brought their moral biblical views with them from Europe, which helped shape their thoughts and perspectives.

“Many of the founders were considered deists, but regardless, they still played a major part in our nation’s establishment. It’s easy to make a case that Christianity had an extreme influence on the majority of the founders and, in turn, America’s founding documents, government, and separation of powers. Documents such as individual state constitutions had often included many biblical texts. The founders also referred to themselves as Christians, mostly Protestants.

“However, it’s always best that you make up your own mind as to the founders’ ‘Judeo-Christian’ intentions for this nation.

“This book provides a brief introductory summary on key individuals that preceded the early founders and had an influence on their thinking and character. They include Jesus Christ; His disciples (Apostle Paul); Columbus; Luther; Pocahontas; philosophers such as Blackstone, Locke, and Montesquieu; Christian preachers such as Whitfield, Edwards, the Wesleys, Asbury, and Finney; and Mayflower Pilgrims such as Bradford and Brewster, as well as God’s Providence.

“With that backdrop, the reader will then find brief summaries covering the lives of twenty-eight historic Americans, along with many of their most historic quotes. Each left their mark and had a measurable impact on the shaping of the United States of America.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Harry Swanson’s new book presents engaging facts and insight into the formation of America and its current trajectory.

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