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Fort Lauderdale, FL, March 27, 2024 –(PR.com)– Homeinc, a prominent house-buying company, received the Voice of Distinction Award from Voices for Children of Broward County on March 7, 2024. Presented by the Inglis Giving Fund, the award was in recognition of Homeinc’s work with Voices over the last five years. The organization works to improve the lives of thousands of children in foster care throughout the county. Homeinc fully supports this effort and is proud to be honored by such a meaningful organization.

Voices praised Homeinc’s efforts with the following statement: “We pay tribute to our esteemed honoree, Homeinc, whose unwavering dedication has been a guiding light for countless children on their journey.” The organization further noted, “As we reflect on our journey ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow,’ we are filled with gratitude for each and every one of you. Your support is the golden brick road that leads to a brighter tomorrow for children in foster care.”

This year’s event was highly successful. The reception and dinner were sold out, and those lucky enough to get a ticket experienced a “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” theme. The surroundings created a magical ambiance for over 200 guests celebrating a record year of fundraising to support vulnerable children. Homeinc representatives expressed gratitude for the award and reiterated their support of the charity that improves the lives of foster children, a population that faces many challenges.

Voices for Children of Broward County

Voices for Children of Broward County’s mission is to provide meaningful programs and resources to help child victims of abuse, neglect, and abandonment in Broward County. It focuses on meeting the children’s educational, health, and social needs, supplementing government efforts. Voices works with the 17th Judicial Circuit Dependency Court Division and other community partners to aid children with open and active dependency court cases throughout their court proceedings.

The organization is focused on improving the foster care experience for child victims. They offer many services, including advocacy, age-appropriate referrals, case management, and other assistance. Their programs include:

– Emergency & Normalcy Needs Program: Provides advocacy and financial resources to meet individual, health, social, and educational needs of foster youth, a high-risk population.
– The Fostering Hope: Transitioning into Adulthood Program: Aids foster youth ages 17-22 preparing to leave the foster care system and live independently.
– Dream Big Days: Provides enriching, memory-making experiences through visits to cultural institutions and enjoyable events throughout the year.
– School Break Food and Wellness Program: Ensures proper nutrition for foster youth during school breaks and provides opportunities for physical and wellness activities.

Voices embraces a holistic philosophy that provides foster children with the tools they need to experience healthy, happy childhoods. The organization believes these young people should do more than survive; they should thrive. It cannot do so without the type of additional support Voices provides.

Homeinc Advantage

Homeinc believes it has a social responsibility to the community beyond buying homes from eager sellers. This belief is why the company works with Voices of Children of Broward County to enrich the lives of foster children facing difficult futures. Homeinc further serves the region by providing a premium real estate service that finances its charitable efforts.

The Homeinc team has a combined 100 years of experience in the home-buying industry, outlasting many competitors. They bring extensive knowledge to the home-buying process. Their success comes from paying top dollar for the homes they purchase without collecting unnecessary fees such as commissions, closing costs, probate fees, etc. In addition, Homeinc has flexible policies that allow for more complicated sales, such as long closings, liens, tenants, and violations.

The company simplifies the sales process for homeowners. Homeinc has a unique approach that includes a free property analysis that includes necessary repairs, property age, ownership issues, and market position. Homeowners working with the company receive real, competitive cash offers for their homes. They are not obligated to accept the Homeinc offer and are free to make other arrangements after the assessment.

Property Types

The company buys all types of homes in as-is condition. Homeinc purchases houses with structural problems, roof damage, code violations, etc., and then does the necessary repairs and alterations. In addition, it buys homes with difficulties, such as liens, probate issues, and insurance disqualification.

Homeinc buys single-family homes, multi-family homes, townhouses, condominiums, and mobile homes, all for cash. These homes include those in emerging neighborhoods and those that cannot get mortgages. Homeowners who need a fast and fair sale will find the answer at Homeinc, no matter their property issues. For many, a traditional home sale is not possible. Homeinc is a proven alternative.

Homeinc Promise

Homeinc gives homeowners a competitive cash offer for their property in minutes and does not charge commissions or other unnecessary fees. The owners choose their closing date, which can be as soon as five days. The money is then directly wired into their bank account. This method is life-changing for property owners who need fast cash without the difficulty many home sales bring.

Areas Served

The company buys properties throughout Georgia and Florida, including Broward, Dade, Brevard, Volusia, Pasco, and Orange counties. It also serves Athens, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, and Savannah in Georgia.

Homeinc fills a special need in the real estate industry. The company provides ethical solutions to homeowners who want or need a quick cash sale. It also helps owners with difficult property situations who face many challenges with the traditional sales route. Homeinc allows homeowners the flexibility they need to sell their properties successfully.

Homeinc and Voices for Children of Broward County

The Homeinc and Voices partnership improves the lives of at-risk foster children who have already been victimized. They face unique difficulties that require special programs and resources, such as those offered by the Voices organization. These children have a better chance of success thanks to the efforts of Voices for Children of Broward County and socially conscious companies such as Homeinc, this year’s Voice of Distinction Award winner.