and Autimatic Partner to Empower People with Autism Through AI on World Autism Day –

London, United Kingdom, April 03, 2024 –(–, a leading innovator in generative AI solutions, and Autimatic, a specialist in providing meaningful careers for people with autism, today announced a groundbreaking partnership and release of an AI-powered chatbot designed to help individuals with autism explore their skills and potential career paths. This initiative will launch on April 2, World Autism Day, to raise awareness and support for neurodiversity in the workplace.

The new chatbot leverages’s expertise in natural language processing and generative AI to create a tailored and supportive experience for individuals with autism. The chatbot will:

Assess Skills and Interests: Provide interactive questionnaires and assessments to help individuals identify their unique strengths and passions.
Match Potential Job Opportunities: Utilize Autimatic’s extensive knowledge base of autism-friendly employers and roles to suggest suitable job matches.

“We’re committed to harnessing the power of AI to make a tangible difference in people’s lives,” said Mohamed Anis, CEO of

“Partnering with Autimatic, we can provide individuals with autism the tools and resources to unlock their full potential and find careers they truly thrive in.”

Here’s Why –

Quote from Geert Pauwels, CEO of Autimatic about the importance of this initiative and the potential impact on the lives of people with autism:

“This collaboration is a game-changer, empowering individuals with autism to discover meaningful careers that align with their skills and interests. We believe that AI can break down barriers and create a more inclusive future,” said Geert, CEO of Autimatic.

AI chatbot for People with Autism to explore Skills –

AI chatbot for Clients to explore untapped Potential –

About is a pioneer in generative AI solutions for businesses. Our cutting-edge technology helps companies optimize sales, marketing, recruiting, and fundraising processes, maximizing efficiency and growth.

About Autimatic

Autimatic is dedicated to creating meaningful career opportunities for individuals with autism. Autimatic’s knowhow is in job crafting, assesment, matching and coaching both the autistic people and their customers ensuring a seamless integration. They hire autistic people and offer their services in data quality, data processing and AI to large multinational companies.


Mohamed Anis

Geert Pauwels