ICCPP Group to Present at GTNF 2023, Reinforcing Global Influence and Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability


SHENZHEN, China, Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, ICCPP Group, the parent company of VOOPOO, will be invited to participate in the globally-anticipated 2023 Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum (GTNF2023). As a prestigious event with significant global influence, GTNF serves as a platform for industry leaders to shape the future of the tobacco and nicotine landscape. This marks ICCPP Group’s second consecutive participation in the forum, demonstrating its commitment to driving innovation and promoting positive change.

GTNF started in 2008 and has been successfully organized for 15 years. With the theme of “Change the Conversation, Change the Outcome,” GTNF2023 held on Sep. 19 to Sep. 21 in Seoul, South Korea, aims to provide an open, inclusive and constructive dialog platform for all stakeholders in the tobacco and nicotine industry to promote sustainable development and positive change. As an industry frontrunner renowned for its technological innovation and user-centric approach, ICCPP is excited to share its insights and contributions to the next generation of groundbreaking products. Building on its previous participation, ICCPP Group is also eager to further strengthen its global partnership network with brand-driven ODM+ strategies and drive meaningful advancements. 

It is understood that Everest Zhao, Founder and CEO of ICCPP Group, an important partner of GTNF, will be invited to deliver a keynote speech titled “Innovation for NGPs Transformation, Cooperation for Brighter Future” at GTNF2023. This is for the first time for Everest to give a formal speech to the public. He will on behalf of ICCPP Group, put forward the understanding on the current fast-developing industry trends, rapidly updating compliance trends and environmental issues in conjunction with the competitive product ecology and changing user needs. He will also emphasize the transformative power of innovation, the importance of embracing change and the value of open collaboration for mutual success.

Additionally, Dr. James, chief scientist and head of life science institute of ICCPP Group will participate in panel of “Innovating Products for the Future”. He will gather with industry experts from all over the world to share and discuss harm reduction technologies, environmental protection, compliance and the latest information about the UK and France. Moreover, he will present lastest feasible propositions on how to provide more innovative, safer and sustainable next-generation products by combining the results of ICCPP’s research in electronic atomization technology, new e-liquid, eco-friendly creation, and the user’s sensory satisfaction.

In conclusion, ICCPP Group’s invitation to participate in GTNF 2023 represents not only the recognition and appreciation by GTNF organizers and international regulators of ICCPP’s position as a key influencer in the electronic atomization industry, but also its unwavering commitment to a future of innovation, collaboration and sustainability. We also believe that ICCPP will create a safer and brighter smoke-free future through continuous communication and dialog, technological innovation, upgrading user experience, creating more valuable products and solutions, promoting cooperation, and advancing the industry.