Idahoan® Foodservice Introduces New Unseasoned Mix to the Tater Tumblers® Line

IDAHO FALLS, Idaho, Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Responding to customer demand for increased versatility, Idahoan® is proud to announce the launch of its latest innovation for the foodservice market: Idahoan® SHREDS Tater Tumblers® Unseasoned Mix. An expansion upon the existing Tater Tumblers® product line, Idahoan SHREDS Tater Tumblers Unseasoned Mix is a true blank canvas, allowing operators to completely customize the flavor profile across breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Delicious on their own or easily customized with mix-ins and sauces, Tater Tumblers Unseasoned Mix are the perfect flavor vehicle for innovative and exciting menu creations across all day parts, menu formats, and cuisines. From crunchy toppings, to appetizers ready for dipping, to delicious patties for mini sandwiches or sliders, Tater Tumblers Unseasoned Mix offers endless possibilities for menu innovation.

“Idahoan SHREDS Tater Tumblers Unseasoned Mix offers operators speed-scratch convenience, empowering chefs to create a variety of craveable dishes while saving time and money over fresh, frozen, and refrigerated alternatives,” said Idahoan Corporate Executive Chef, Richard Hoelzel. “They’re a true blank canvas for chefs to build upon.”

Idahoan SHREDS Tater Tumblers Unseasoned Mix is prepared according to sustainable practices and a proprietary cooking method that honors the integrity of the potato for premium Fresh-Dried™ quality and flavor. Said Hoelzel, “as with all Idahoan products, the new Tater Tumblers Unseasoned Mix is made using only Certified 100% Idaho® Potatoes – so operators can be sure they’re serving the best.”

The launch represents Idahoan’s commitment to providing new product innovations that keep up with changes in demand and operator challenges. “Idahoan is constantly innovating to meet the evolving needs of foodservice operators. We believe this product is a solve for some of the challenges operators are facing today around rising ingredient costs and supply chain uncertainty,” said Craig Gentry, Vice President, Idahoan Foodservice. “The ability to create tater appetizers, sandwich bread replacements, patties, salad toppers, and more with a single product is game changing with Idahoan Tater Tumblers – and our new Unseasoned Mix allows chefs full customization across the menu.”

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About Idahoan® Foods, LLC

For over 60 years, our passion has been to inspire culinary creativity with delicious, scratch-quality potatoes. We use only Certified 100% Idaho® Potatoes, world-renowned for their exceptional flavor and texture. Our farmers take pride in being stewards of the land, employing sustainable practices to ensure quality from field to fork and the preservation of this special resource for generations to come. Our Fresh-Dried™ potatoes are then cooked using our proprietary method that honors the integrity of the potato. This innovative cooking method allows for a final dish that stands up to scratch-made potatoes, while saving operators precious time and labor to deliver consistency and convenience with each batch. Operators can trust Idahoan® as their pantry hero, empowering them to bring their culinary vision to life.

SOURCE Idahoan Foods, LLC