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Chennai, India, July 05, 2024 –(PR.com)– The 16th edition of the Industrial Maintenance Trade Fair takes place in Zurich, Switzerland, with splendor.

The Zurich-based IHM Unterhalts-Management AG, a longstanding IT solutions provider, exhibits Innomaint- an industrial maintenance management application with AI and IoT capabilities.

The firm wishes to spread the digital revolution to the European market. IHM is a channel partner of Innomaint.

Innomaint has been a forerunner in introducing new technologies to the EAM/CMMS market. Its maintenance management solutions are in line with Industrial Revolution 4.0 concepts that advocate prescriptive analysis, predictive maintenance, and an IoT-connected industrial environment.

The trade fair houses 200 stalls showcasing the latest products and services in the maintenance management sphere. It is a good opportunity for the industry fraternity who wish to undertake maintenance in-house.

Before the event let us provide the readers with a brief introduction to the modern GenAI integration and IoT capabilities of Innomaint. Using Innomaint one can define Planned Preventive Maintenance(PPM) schedules and automate them easily.

Despite the ease of configuring the application and user-friendliness, the manual composition of digital checklists is time-consuming. Subject matter experts may henceforth just define the schedule and tasks.

The GenAI module integrated with EAM/CMMS shall decompose the tasks into digital checklists accessible via a mobile app from anywhere.

The generated checklists are relevant, convenient, and easy to follow. The generated checklists are editable too. It makes the struggle for composing detailed PPM schedules, a thing of the past.

What are the applications of IoT Solutions?

IoT solutions can revolutionize every aspect of industrial maintenance with wide applications. It connects the missing dots bringing assets, maintenance applications, facilities, environment, and sensors together to explore new and untapped benefits.

Set the conditions for tracking resource consumption, environmental parameters, equipment health, and restrooms. Get instant mobile alerts when these unpleasant conditions occur to initiate timely remote actions for the best occupant comfort and performance.

Smart Energy Monitoring Solutions

Innomaint’s Smart Energy Metering Solutions enables to gather, and collate energy consumption data from smart meters that can be configured parallel to actual electricity board meters and display near real-time consumption patterns (including all associated parameters).

Access the personalized energy dashboard containing valuable analytics for initiating actions on regulating consumption, averting penalties, and reducing carbon footprints.

Live Asset Tracking

Track constantly moving assets to monitor live movements and maximize asset utilization. Track assets live by mounting affordable BLE /RFID beacons on assets and reading the movements with static readers.

The sensors can report entry and exit within a range. Also install multiple BLE/RFID readers for greater precision in asset movements.

Water metering solutions

Water metering solution helps facilities monitor and measure water/oil/gas consumption patterns. One can connect a flow sensor with the waterline.

The cloud application receives electrical pulses from the sensor, converts them into human-readable form with a controller, and displays the analytics data in the customizable Dashboard.

Air Quality Monitoring Solutions

IoT-powered air quality monitoring applications are compatible with varied sensors. The IoT application captures data on various parameters governing ambient air quality.

Such an application can sense the relative proportion of gases in the air, and detect the concentration of gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and particulate matter.

Based on the results the application offers user-friendly recommendations to manage the air control system or initiate corrective action timely.

Also can infer AQI levels, temperature, and humidity, as well from anywhere using laptop.

Who are the intended audience?

Those working in the capacity of production managers, maintenance supervisors, plant supervisors, safety engineers, installation managers, quality managers, purchasers, facility managers, etc., can visit the fair and focus on future technologies.

Take part in the event to become an automation specialist to elevate the operational standards. Discuss and exchange ideas, concepts, and feasibilities on implementation, to gain a fair idea of the suitability of modern technology to business.

Innomaint is excited to meet everyone at the Maintenance Trade Fair in Zurich. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the latest in maintenance technology and see firsthand how Innomaint can revolutionize operations.

Special Offer: As a token of their appreciation for interest, they are offering exclusive discounts to those who visit their stall and sign up on the spot. Come see them at Hall 2, Booth L10, to take advantage of this limited-time offer and start the journey toward seamless, efficient maintenance management with Innomaint.