ILAC KISS Pathway Program is Going Global

“Our surveys show that we have students in ILAC KISS who are planning to apply to institutions in Australia, the US and Europe,” says Carolyn Bercu, Director of Pathway Partnerships at ILAC Education Group. “Many agents are telling us their students want to get to a functional level of English and then join a language or academic program at another English-speaking country or institution.”

Currently, the ILAC KISS Pathway Program sends over 10,000 diverse students to more than 100 pathway partners across Canada. The online platform burst onto the scene during COVID and has continued to gain momentum due to its accessibility, flexibility and pricing. Students can study from the comfort of home, which allows them to save money and time before making the physical transition to another country.

ILAC KISS virtual English classes are open to students around the globe and are tailored to every level and time zone. The program is recognized by Languages Canada and classes of 16-20 students are taught by accredited English teachers living in Toronto and Vancouver. Universities and colleges in Canada work closely with ILAC because of the quality and diversity of students they produce.

“TRU measured the academic success of students from pathway schools and the GPA of ILAC students was the highest among all TRU language pathway schools,” ZiPing Feng, Director International Marketing at Thompson Rivers University, one of ILAC’s first pathway partners in Canada. “In fact, they scored higher than our general international population.”

ILAC KISS teaches students from over 90 countries and supports every step of their transition to colleges and universities. A team of 20+ ILAC pathway specialists work closely with students, agents and institutions to provide academic and career guidance, develop study plans and obtain conditional letters of acceptance. Throughout the year, ILAC hosts the Canada Partnerships Forum (CPF) worldwide agent training events with pathway partners to promote individual institutions and programs.

“SAIT is very pleased to have such a wonderful relationship with ILAC,” says Karen Cheung, International Recruitment Officer at Southern Alberta Institute of Technology. “The quality of their English programming and subsequently their international graduates are in-line with the demands and requirements of our academic programs.”

Over the next few months, ILAC will be meeting with potential new partners at:

  • OCSC Expo Bangkok, October 21-22
  • The Pie Live North America, November 14-15
  • ICEF Miami, December 13-14
  • ICEF Berlin, November 3-7

To learn more about ILAC KISS and the ILAC Pathway Program, visit Learn English Online | ILAC  & Pathway | ILAC

For more information on how to become an ILAC pathway partner, contact:
Carolyn Bercu, Director of Pathway Partnerships

ILAC Education Group

Email: [email protected]

Phone & WhatsApp: + 1 416 888 4530

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