Infinity Dermatology and Well Revolution Partner to Launch Instant Online Dermatology Consults –

New York, NY, June 01, 2024 –(– Well Revolution, a pioneer in accessible healthcare solutions, announced a partnership with Infinity Dermatology, a leading network of dermatology practices in New York. Powered by Well Revolution’s Care Messenger and national provider network, this collaboration aims to reduce wait times and costs for dermatology care. The partnership offers statewide access to same-day care without the need for appointments or insurance.

Well Revolution’s Care Messenger integrates directly into Infinity Dermatology’s digital infrastructure within minutes, immediately scaling the practice’s capacity to engage with and treat patients. This rapid deployment allows the practice to instantly expand care delivery and respond swiftly to market demands without disrupting current operations.

Partnering with Well Revolution enables Infinity Dermatology to offer extended care hours from 7 am to 10 pm, 365 days a year, without placing additional strain on existing staff and resources. This expanded access provides patients the flexibility to receive care outside of traditional office hours.

Leveraging Care Messenger, Infinity Dermatology enhances its service in New York City and extends its reach to major urban and underserved regions across the state. This improves accessibility to essential dermatology services in regions previously constrained by the availability of specialized care.

Patients benefit from the ability to begin their dermatology care journey within minutes of their initial inquiry, significantly reducing the typical three-month wait. This rapid access to care is delivered by Well Revolution’s provider network, ensuring timely expert care and effective treatment.

Well Revolution’s care delivery model offers unmatched flexibility for providers, allowing them to engage with patients outside conventional office settings. “Flexibility is a cornerstone of our approach and attracts top clinical talent,” said Michael Rubio, clinician and CMO of Well Revolution.

Commenting on the impact of the collaboration, Dr. Jeffrey Weinberg, CEO of Infinity Dermatology, expressed his enthusiasm, saying, “The idea came about because we kept having patients drive from upstate to NYC for care. We wanted to provide a better service for them. We’ve completely changed how we connect with our patients and handle their needs, cutting down on phone calls and freeing up our staff to do more meaningful work. It only takes patients 15 minutes to get a frontline provider managing our low-acuity care. Our setup took only five minutes, and we are now delivering care to all of New York, not just the city.”

This partnership marks a significant milestone in healthcare delivery, ensuring that high-quality, accessible, and timely dermatology care is a reality for all New Yorkers.

About Infinity Dermatology

Infinity Dermatology, led by Dr. Jeffrey Weinberg, is a premier network of dermatology practices in New York City, renowned for its comprehensive medical and cosmetic dermatology services.

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About Well Revolution

Well Revolution provides direct patient access to on-demand primary care and specialist services. Same-day care is provided without the need for appointments through a network of over 1,000 multi-specialty physicians licensed across all 50 US states.

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