International Nuclear Solutions Joins Texas Nuclear Alliance as a Founding Member –

Austin, TX, June 05, 2024 –(– The Texas Nuclear Alliance is proud to announce that International Nuclear Solutions (INS), a leader in nuclear workforce development, has joined the Alliance as a Founding Member. This collaboration highlights INS’s dedication to advancing the nuclear industry by providing a highly qualified and trained workforce, positioning Texas as a leader in rebuilding the nation’s nuclear workforce.

“We are thrilled to welcome International Nuclear Solutions as a founding member of the Texas Nuclear Alliance,” said Reed Clay, President of the Texas Nuclear Alliance. “Their expertise in nuclear workforce development is invaluable, and their commitment to training a highly skilled workforce aligns with our mission to make Texas the hub of the nuclear industry.”

Based in Austin, TX, International Nuclear Solutions is dedicated to providing top-tier training and education for the nuclear workforce in order to meet the industry’s needs for a skilled workforce. By joining TNA, INS aims to ensure that Texas is at the forefront of efforts to rebuild the nation’s nuclear workforce, supporting the growth and sustainability of the nuclear industry.

“We are honored to be a part of the Texas Nuclear Alliance,” said Roberto Ramon, CEO of International Nuclear Solutions. “Our goal is to provide a highly qualified and trained workforce that will drive the nuclear industry forward. Partnering with TNA allows us to contribute significantly to making Texas a leader in nuclear workforce development.”

About International Nuclear Solutions
International Nuclear Solutions is committed to providing a highly qualified, highly trained nuclear workforce. The company aims to position Texas at the forefront of rebuilding the nation’s nuclear workforce, ensuring the growth and sustainability of the nuclear industry through exceptional training and education programs. INS is based in Austin, TX.

About the Texas Nuclear Alliance
The Texas Nuclear Alliance is the only industry association dedicated to the advancement of the nuclear industry in Texas. Created with the mission to make Texas the home of the nuclear industry, TNA seeks to rebuild and strengthen the entire nuclear value chain in the state. The Alliance promotes pro-nuclear policies and activates grassroots and grasstops support to ensure a robust and thriving nuclear industry in Texas.