International Supermodel and Bestselling Author Maye Musk Shares Life-Changing Lessons In Exclusive New Mindvalley Program

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mindvalley, the world’s most powerful transformation platform with 20 million followers, is proud to welcome supermodel and bestselling author Maye Musk to its roster of visionary teachers. Musk, the oldest Sports Illustrated model to grace its cover, is a bestselling author, dietitian and scientist. Her Mindvalley program (known as a quest) “Maye Musk’s 5 Rules of Life” encapsulates her five guiding principles for achieving unconditional success in work, family, and life, regardless of age.

Beginning this month, Musk will take members on a fascinating life journey, learning from her experiences as she escaped an abusive relationship, built a nutrition empire, achieved international supermodel status, raised three successful children (Elon Musk, Tosca Musk and Kimbal Musk) as a single mother, and embraced the aging process with grace and vitality. Her quest is a valuable addition to Mindvalley’s diverse portfolio of 70+ programs, designed to elevate various aspects of life, including career, wealth, health, and relationships.

A Champion Against Sexism & Ageism
An advocate for various social issues, sexism and ageism are two that are close to Musk’s heart. In a recent survey by Niix, it was revealed that “39% of women think they’re made to feel passed their sell-by date after 40, and 35 percent of women feel as though they should have “made-it” career wise by this age”. Musk, however, believes you must redefine aging for yourself.

“At fifteen, as a model, I was told I’d be done by eighteen, and at seventy-one, I became the biggest model I’ve ever been. What I’ve learned is that you can always find a way. You can always make another plan,” said Musk. “Women don’t have to slow down as they age. I’m running like a speeding bullet. Exploring everything, having fun, working more than ever.”

While Musk is passionate about equality and instilling confidence in women, this quest is an invitation for anyone seeking to enrich their lives in 5 key areas: Aging Gracefully, Resilience, Reinvention, Family, and Relationships.

Mindvalley’s Transformative Quests
Mindvalley Quests have a track record of delivering 5x better results in human transformation by combining leading technology with compelling storytelling, world-class teachers, advanced learning theory and a vibrant community. Visit for more information on Musk’s new program and learn from one of the world’s most accomplished business leaders, conscious parents and supermodels.

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