Introducing A&G Creative: A Dynamic Fusion of Fashion and Marketing Expertise –

Atlanta, GA, May 17, 2024 –(– A&G Creative proudly announces its official launch, bringing a unique blend of luxury aesthetics and marketing savvy to the vibrant business landscape of Atlanta. Founded by husband and wife duo Alexandra Glibbery and Greg Munson, this innovative agency combines Alexandra’s unparalleled experience in international fashion design with Greg’s expertise in branding and marketing across diverse U.S. business sectors.

The genesis of A&G Creative occurred organically during the pandemic, as Alexandra and Greg found themselves working remotely together at home in New York City. This unexpected opportunity revealed the complementary skill sets honed over their combined 20-year careers. Alexandra’s extensive background in fashion design, coupled with Greg’s proficiency in branding and marketing, paved the way for their successful collaboration.

“During my tenure as Design Director at CK Calvin Klein, I witnessed firsthand the power of creative direction and brand strategy in shaping the international identity of iconic fashion brands,” says Alexandra Glibbery.

Greg Munson adds, “My career in marketing has been driven by a passion for innovative strategies and a commitment to consistency in brand messaging. A&G Creative embodies this ethos, where every creative endeavor is not just visually appealing but purposeful in driving business success.”

With a comprehensive suite of services including branding, graphic design, art direction, copywriting, marketing, and every digital application, A&G Creative offers a 360° approach to brand success. Their portfolio boasts successful projects spanning multiple industries, from fashion and wellness to spirits and real estate.

“After Alexandra’s contract as Creative Director ended with Spanx, we felt a deep connection to our new home in Atlanta and a desire to contribute to its thriving business community,” explains Greg Munson. “We are excited to bring our expertise and passion for creativity to the diverse businesses that make this city so interesting.”

For more information about A&G Creative and their services, visit or email