Introducing an Iconic Collaboration: The Daytona x Kakha Kaladze –

Hamburg, Germany, June 24, 2024 –(– The creation process of the Daytona x Kakha Kaladze by DiW Manufacture is a tale of meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering dedication. Each watch is crafted from robust red quartz fiber, a material celebrated for its durability and striking appearance. This limited edition timepiece, restricted to just 17 pieces, is produced exclusively on request, ensuring that every watch is as unique as its owner.

The inspiration behind this exceptional watch stems from Kaladze’s illustrious career as a football legend and his influential role in political leadership. The design team at DiW worked closely with Kaladze to capture the essence of his journey. The dial features intricate Georgian motifs, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of his homeland. The color palette, personally selected by Kaladze, embodies his vibrant spirit and dedication to excellence.

Every element of the Daytona x Kakha Kaladze showcases DiW’s commitment to excellence. The red quartz fiber case is not only visually stunning but also incredibly resilient, symbolizing strength and endurance. The dial, with its intricate designs and bold colors, serves as a canvas that tells the story of Kaladze’s legacy. The watch is equipped with the iconic automatic caliber, ensuring accurate timekeeping and reliability.

The Daytona x Kakha Kaladze is more than a watch; it is a piece of history, a symbol of a journey marked by excellence, resilience, and innovation. Each timepiece is a testament to the fusion of heritage and modernity, crafted for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

DiW Manufacture is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs. Each project is a blend of tradition and modernity, produced exclusively on request to ensure the highest standards of quality and uniqueness. The collaboration with Kakha Kaladze is a continuation of this legacy, bringing to life a timepiece that celebrates both heritage and innovation.

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