ISMG Appoints David Elichman as Chief Collaboration Officer to Drive Growth and Innovation –

Princeton, NJ, February 07, 2024 –(– As ISMG continues its rapid growth and expansion journey, the organization is proud to announce the appointment of David Elichman as chief collaboration officer. In this pivotal role, Elichman will spearhead efforts to enhance collaboration across different business units, geographies, and product teams, ensuring a seamless and cohesive approach to propel the organization’s future growth.

With a diverse and extensive portfolio comprising 37 media properties, ISMG Global Events, Athena (ISMG’s Intent-Based Platform), CyberEdBoard,, CyberTheory,, XtraMile, and QG Media, ISMG recognizes the need to foster consistency across its key business units. Elichman’s promotion reflects ISMG’s commitment to aligning efforts and amplifying its impact within the cybersecurity industry.

“As leaders in the cybersecurity and media industry, we recognize the profound significance of seamlessly integrating our acquired ventures to enhance profitability. Another equally crucial element in our success is the steadfast commitment to maintaining consistency across all ISMG brands,” said Sanjay Kalra, CEO, ISMG. “This dedication to both strategic integration and brand coherence underscores our commitment to continue delivering exceptional value to our customers and audiences, now and for the future.”

Unified by strategic acquisitions through its “build, grow and acquire” approach, ISMG has undergone a transformative expansion. The inclusion of Grey Head Media’s CIO business into ISMG’s portfolio fueled the launch of the platform, enabling ISMG to spearhead a push toward changing the narrative around the CIO’s role in cybersecurity, offering expert insight and thought leadership to cater to the needs of today’s IT and CIO community globally.

Xtra-Mile’s incorporation bolstered the services offered through ISMG’s CyberTheory business unit, focusing on marketing advisory services, including marketing automation, mar-tech stack development, and sales enablement – particularly, targeting some of the largest cybersecurity and technology vendors who are deeply ingrained in critical infrastructures all over the world.

Furthermore, with the recent acquisition of QG Media, ISMG has expanded its event offerings to over 500 events across a range of formats for its global audience of senior practitioners and its sponsors – addressing the needs of cybersecurity professionals, particularly in the realm of OT security.

“To continue our growth journey, we must focus on several key elements,” said David Elichman, chief collaboration officer, ISMG. “Our success hinges on our people, streamlined processes and innovative product offerings. We will invest in talent acquisition and operational efficiency and introduce new products to meet the ever-evolving needs of our valued clients and partners.”

As chief collaboration officer, Elichman will play an instrumental role in ensuring the seamless integration of these acquired entities, including Grey Head Media, Xtra-Mile, and QG Media, into the ISMG portfolio – thereby maximizing revenue opportunity across the board.

The ISMG’s cornerstone brands – edtech initiative offering a world-class cybersecurity education curriculum; CyberTheory, a specialized marketing advisory firm, focusing on servicing vendors within the cybersecurity space; and CyberEdBoard, an exclusive community, recognized for its role in nurturing cybersecurity leaders and bringing together CISOs and IT executives – will be at the forefront of this integration.

Elichman’s responsibilities extend to strategically driving growth initiatives across all ISMG brands; identifying and capitalizing on opportunities within this dynamic industry; and ensuring alignment with the organization’s core values, mission, and strategic objectives.

In an era where AI takes center stage in driving global transformations, ISMG introduced a suite of AI-enabled initiatives. Its strategy to weave AI technologies throughout its operations is designed to elevate its service offerings, ensuring customers and audiences benefit from the most advanced solutions in the industry.

As ISMG continues to revolutionize its business operations, Elichman’s new role aligns with its overarching strategy to unify its current and expanding lines of business and leverage the strengths of each entity within its portfolio. In this role, he will have access to a global team of resources, empowering him to shape the future trajectory of ISMG.

Elichman’s appointment signifies ISMG’s unwavering dedication to growth, consistency and the relentless pursuit of excellence. The organization looks forward to the collaboration, growth and future acquisitions that lie ahead.

About ISMG
ISMG is the world’s largest media organization devoted solely to cybersecurity and risk management. Each of its 37 media properties provides education, research and news that is specifically tailored to key vertical sectors including banking, healthcare, and the public sector; geographies from North America to Southeast Asia; and topics such as data breach prevention, cyber risk assessment, AI, and fraud. Its annual global summit series connects senior security professionals with industry thought leaders to find actionable solutions for pressing cybersecurity challenges.