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Bullard, TX, February 26, 2024 –(PR.com)– “Lyrics by Adonai: Maskil Psalms from a Shepherd King”: an inviting study of the inspired compositions of King David. “Lyrics by Adonai: Maskil Psalms from a Shepherd King” is the creation of published author, J. Steven Murry, a dedicated husband and father who earned his master’s degree from Amber University and obtained a counseling license. Murry later worked with juvenile offenders, foster children and parents, adult inmates, hospital patients, and geriatric care facilities.

Murry shares, “Have you ever written someone a love song? Or has someone ever written you a love song? Imagine the songwriter saying, ‘Listen very carefully to the words and you will know what is in my heart.’ Would you hang on to every word and every note? Would you strive to understand a deeper meaning to the lover’s message, or would you just hear the noise? Paying close attention is the idea behind maskil psalms. Maskil means contemplation. Out of the one hundred and fifty psalms, there are thirteen psalms which are given this instruction by the psalmist.

“As God often does, these psalms teach lessons on several different levels: as poetry, as history, as moral lessons, as instruction for psychological health, as testimonies of loving-kindness. Lyrics by Adonai is a study of the maskil psalms attributable to King David, the sweet psalmist of Israel.

“In order to carefully listen to the words, these psalms have been arranged in chronological order and placed in the historical settings according to the events in David’s life. The reader can better understand the history by viewing the events through the lens of the psalm. It is also the psalm which is clarified when the story is viewed through the eyes of history.

“However, the words of the contemplation psalms also speak to us across the span of years and are not limited to the history of ancient Israel. Through inspiration, God shows us how to handle betrayal, grief, persecution, and forgiveness. Through the words of David’s pen, God sings to us a song of wisdom, grace, faith, love, and duty. With a blend of poetic insight, history, contemporary application, counseling, and spiritual shepherding, Lyrics by Adonai brings these lyrics to life.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, J. Steven Murry’s new book invites readers to enjoy and find deeper connection with divine lyrics.

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