James B. Beard’s New Book, “Walking Spirit in a Native Way: White Mocs on the Red Road,” Reveals How Native American Teachings Forever Changed the Author’s Path in Life – PR.com


Amherst, NH, January 15, 2024 –(PR.com)– Fulton Books author James B. Beard, a speaker on topics such as traditional living and natural spirit teachings, and a student of native teachings from Ojibwe Elders, has completed his most recent book, “Walking Spirit in a Native Way: White Mocs on the Red Road”: a powerful memoir detailing the incredible, spiritual transformation undergone by the author through the teachings of the Native Americans during a time of uncertainty in his life.

“Some things in life happen that one could never foresee,” writes Beard. “The story you are about to read is about one of those things. Like most people, my life was pretty well laid out for me—growing up in a small town in western New York, going to school, serving in the military, getting a job, getting married, and raising a family. The typical American dream.”

Beard continues, “What would come to be was never intended in my mind. In a time of transition, I began to look for answers about living that seemed to be missing in my life. It seemed as if the fulfillment of the promise of the American dream was somehow incomplete. I began to look for something to fill in the missing pieces. As I searched for that missing part, I almost literally stumbled on the first people of this land. As I began to learn of their continued existence, they led me on an extraordinary path of understanding. These people, whom I did not even know still existed, continue to have the gifts of a beautiful culture that respects all things. The goal for me then became to find those gifts.

“…The original intent of my quest was to gain new insight and add it to my existing life. It was not to change my lifestyle or relationships. What came about began to take me from the life I had known and to begin an adventure into a different world. I found myself in transition to a person that I did not know existed within myself. My white heritage would be enhanced by the ancient teachings that we all once had. I would learn to wear white moccasins to walk a red road in order to better understand the original teachings of my own people. The path that I would follow would give me a new family, a new community to be a part of, and a new identity beyond anything I could have imagined.”

Published by Fulton Books, James B. Beard’s book is a thought-provoking tale that will take readers on a compelling journey of self-realization and growth, all made possible by the teachings the author received along his path towards enlightenment. Heartfelt and emotionally stirring, Beard explores how his journey forever changed him, leading to a new lifestyle, values, and is sure to inspire readers to follow in his steps, and take to heart the teachings of the Native Americans so that they too can experience this groundbreaking transformation.

Readers who wish to experience this inspiring work can purchase “Walking Spirit in a Native Way: White Mocs on the Red Road” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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