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Crossville, TN, February 07, 2024 –(PR.com)– “JENNY OF OKRASHIRE BOOK 1”: a sweet story of the power of God’s healing and comforting hand. “JENNY OF OKRASHIRE BOOK 1” is the creation of published author, James H. Moerschel, a dedicated husband and proud native of Staten Island who served six years in the New York National Guard and thirty-four years with the New York City Fire Department.

Moerschel shares, “Jenny of Okrashire is a spiritual adventure of a bright-eyed precocious six-year-old girl who, as an infant, was found by a farmer sleeping in an okra patch. Her origin was unknown, a mystery to all, and she was raised by her adoptive family. Okrashire is a sixteenth-century hamlet isolated by a large dark forest, and its inhabitants incur a mundane attitude. The elders shun one another, keep to themselves, and lead lives of little faith and hope.

“Little Jenny changes that attitude as she follows every word of the fairy of faith, who gives advice in her dreams. Jenny’s world is filled with challenges, but her wishes are to help others, and she asks nothing in return; she stays true to her heart and spreads the word of God to all.

“The author uses his characters to convey this very message to the readers in a very high-spirited adventurous story that is very uplifting and educational. From the dawn of time, mankind has looked to God’s creatures for signs of hope. Mr. Moerschel has woven mythology with facts in a very adventurous story as Jenny spreads God’s message of love, hope, and faith to hamlets near and far and, of course, her beloved hamlet Okrashire.

“In the third story, Enlightenment, everyone is enlightened. The reader learns the answers to the mysteries in the first two stories, and Jenny, with her unlikely friend, ventures to the deep, dark forest. The fairy of faith meets them in the place of perfection and explains their origin, and in a compelling, spiritual way, their destiny is realized. Children of all ages will fall in love with little Jenny and feel as if they are living with her in a transformed society in Okrashire.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, James H. Moerschel’s new book will captivate the imagination as readers explore a realm with surprises at every corner.

Consumers can purchase “JENNY OF OKRASHIRE BOOK 1” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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