James Russell Roundtree’s Newly Released “Love Misinterpreted” is a Poignant Account of a Father’s Resilience Through Heartbreaks and Business Struggles – PR.com


Bridgeport, CT, February 13, 2024 –(PR.com)– “Love Misinterpreted”: a potent exploration of the complexities of the ties that bind. “Love Misinterpreted” is the creation of published author, James Russell Roundtree, a dedicated husband and father.

Roundtree shares, “My book is about disappointment, love, pain, betrayal, and success. My dream was to finish high school in 1974 and go straight to college. I had a minor setback. My high school sweetheart was pregnant. I had a decision to make, either go to college or find a job. This was the most important decision I had to make in my life. But I chose to take care of my unborn child. I had to put college on hold. So at the age of eighteen, I married her. Eight years later, we were divorced. I was faced with another important decision: to raise my daughters without their mother. She gave me sole custody through the court. Now I had to take the role of both parents. I found love again in my third wife. There were struggles in raising six children. I had three failed businesses, which was heartbreaking, but I never gave up on business. I went back to college and graduated with an associate degree and a bachelor’s degree in business and became successful. I overcame my failures from my first wife and worked on a successful marriage with my current wife. I refused to give up on life. God always walks beside me. The church is my greatest blessing. I also talk about incest, family members molesting my daughters. There were no male role models in my family.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, James Russell Roundtree’s new book is a transformative journey of spiritual growth and healing. Through this inspiring narrative, readers discover a rejuvenation of appreciation for love and faith, as Roundtree’s insightful storytelling unveils the profound connection between inner healing and a deepened understanding of the transformative power of love and faith in our lives.

Consumers can purchase “Love Misinterpreted” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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