Jeff Southard’s New Book, “Year Of The Osprey: A Justin And Sophie Mystery,” is a Spellbinding Prequel That Entrenches Readers in the Rich Culture of the Byzantine Empire –

Lawrence, KS, January 30, 2024 –(– Jeff Southard, a lawyer and accomplished author who majored in medieval history with an emphasis on the Byzantine Empire, has completed his new book, “Year Of The Osprey: A Justin And Sophie Mystery”: a gripping and potent fourth installment to the “Justin and Sophie” series that opens at the dawn of a new millennium.

In an excerpt from his novel, Jeff Southard writes, “One thousand years had passed, more or less, since the birth of Jesus Christ, and Christians everywhere looked with a mixture of fear and hope to the passing days. Would the millennium herald His return, with the attendant tribulations, leading up to the Apocalypse? Or would things go on as they always had, with the rich getting richer and the poor– well, that much was obvious. Still, people wondered.

“The people of Constantinople, which lay behind the walls that were visible a few miles down the road, were no different. Though they still called themselves Romans, they were all now Christians and not pagans, and spoke Greek and not Latin. Religious fervor, normally high anyhow, was at a fever pitch in that year 1000 A.D., with itinerant preachers forecasting the coming of the End Times on every street corner from London to Alexandria.”

Published by Page Publishing, Jeff Southard’s thrilling tale opens in 1000 A.D. with newlywed couple Justin and Sophie Cataphlates at the very beginning of their lives together. Justin is a low-level bureaucrat, while Sophie is a junior lady-in-waiting to the esteemed Princess Zoe, eldest daughter of Emperor Constantine. The optimistic young couple delight in each other’s company and take pride in their budding careers.

However, their chosen paths seem to veer slightly off-course when the pair are called upon to solve the murder of an empire official and investigate the sinister reasons behind it. This leads them down a rabbit hole of head-scratching mysteries, including the theft of Princess Zoe’s jewels, the disappearance of a precious icon, and a string of murders of disabled veterans. Justin and Zoe are fast on the trail, but could their real enemy be a force more nefarious than they could have ever expected? Find out in “Year Of The Osprey: A Justin and Sophie Mystery.”

Readers who wish to experience this riveting work can purchase “Year Of The Osprey: A Justin And Sophie Mystery” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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