Joe Newton’s New Book, “Predicting the Next Decision From the Dice in an Casino Crap Game,” is a Strategic Instructional Guide to Mastering the Game of Craps –

Winnie, TX, February 15, 2024 –(– Joe Newton, a veteran with a degree in psychology who dabbles in mathematics and statistical analysis, has completed his new book, “Predicting the Next Decision From the Dice in an Casino Crap Game”: a gripping and enlightening how-to guide for mastering the analytical side of Craps.

“It is said that the game of craps began in ancient times when someone carved two cubes out of some bones,” writes Joe Newton. “The game was played on a blanket until the players who faded the dice thrower complained he had too much control over the dice, hence began the requirement that the dice be bounced off a wall, as it is still done today in military barracks around the world. Sometimes in the mid-1800s, a gambling parlor in New Orleans decided to bring the dice game out of the alleys and onto a table. They placed a wall around a table, thus beginning the modern-day Crap Game. Soon, the dice throwers were having too much control bouncing the dice off plain walls, so the gambling parlors placed ‘alligator’ backing on the walls to give more movement to the dice.

“The ‘pass line’ and ‘don’t pass’ were the final random number game on the dice table. It also became a random number game that resembled baccarat—the ‘pass line’ being the player, and the ‘don’t pass,’ the dealer. To this day, some dice players still think of ‘don’t pass’ as betting on the casino’s side, which of course is far from the truth.”

Published by Page Publishing, Joe Newton’s illuminating tale reveals the numbers game behind a favorite casino staple, Craps. After retirement, Newton began to frequent Las Vegas casinos where he polished his gambling skill. Using his background in mathematics and statistics, he developed a system for predicting the next decision in a so-called “random” numbers game. He now shares his knowledge with readers, ensuring that they will always come away a winner.

Readers who wish to experience this informative work can purchase “Predicting the Next Decision From the Dice in an Casino Crap Game” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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