Jon Hardt’s Newly Released “Little Dog: The Story of the Little Dog Who Met Jesus!” is a Charming Tale of an Unexpected Journey of Faith –

Green Bay, WI, March 15, 2024 –(– “Little Dog: The Story of the Little Dog Who Met Jesus!”: an engaging opportunity to help children learn about Jesus. This story is the creation of published author, Jon Hardy, a dedicated husband, father, and grandfather who served with the US Marines, a college professor, and who also traveled widely as an IBM’er.

Hardt shares, “Hi there! My name is Little Dog! I would like to tell you about me and my story! I’m a sheepdog! I was born much smaller than my three brothers and with an ugly face and a crippled paw!

“Usually, puppies like me are not kept around, which would not have been good for me! But to please my mother, who happens to be my master’s favorite dog, he kept me and trained me to be a watchdog!

“On the move of our master’s sheep from the winter to the summer camp, I could not keep up with the group because of my crippled leg, so my mother decided to leave me in a special hiding spot and return to continue the journey with her later.

“The place she picked for me to stay was really where this story began because it was where I met this man folks called Jesus! And because of this meeting, I have this amazing story to tell!

“I know you are going to love this story but find it as difficult to believe as my mother and brothers did when I tried to tell them just what happened!

“If you share my view that any story that reminds children of Jesus and his special love for them, then you will be happy to know that this story of Little Dog does just that! If you would like to learn how this was presented, read the “About the Author” story at the end of this story’s pages just inside this book!”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Jon Hardt’s new book will delight and entertain while imparting a thoughtful lesson of faith and trust in God.

Consumers can purchase “Little Dog: The Story of the Little Dog Who Met Jesus!” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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