Kasasa Partners with Dream Maker Charlie Rocket to Launch Small Town Big Dreams Tour


Kasasa CEO and Charlie Rocket embark on monthlong journey across America making dreams come true

ORLANDO, Fla., Sept. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — This morning, Kasasa, which offers free reward checking accounts that have paid nearly $3 billion in rewards exclusively through community banks and credit unions, kicked off its monthlong Small Town Big Dreams Tour in partnership with Charlie Rocket, founder of the Dream Machine Foundation. Kasasa CEO, Gabe Krajicek, and Charlie Rocket will travel from town-to-town together to help people with big dreams fulfill their potential and to inspire millions of others to make an impact in someone’s life that needs it.

The tour commences in Orlando at the largest charity conference in the country, Once Upon A Dream. It will be held at the Dr. Phillips Center and host various speakers, including Ben Greenfield, Ben Newman, Kendall Toole, Emily Hayden, Tim Ballard, and performance by Tommy Vex. Free tickets are available with a purchase of Once Upon A Coconut.

On the road, Krajicek and Rocket will meet with people and use creative resources along the way to make dreams come true. The economic uncertainty in recent years has taken a toll on millions of Americans. During this time of increased financial strain, the Small Town Big Dreams Tour is a testament to the commitment shared by Kasasa and local community banks and credit unions in uplifting the communities they serve. 

“The economic reality of this struggle is bigger than one tour can solve,” said Krajicek, CEO of Kasasa. “But it will make a profound impact on the lives we touch and create a far-reaching ripple effect. This tour is a metaphor for what community financial institutions do every day. They are the real dream makers – helping people buy reliable transportation, a first home, or finally starting that new business – community financial institutions have always backed the dreamer. We are proud to shine a light on the impact they make through this tour.”

“I’m excited to bring dreams and opportunities to Americans in the small towns who feel unseen and unheard,” said Rocket. “The Small Towns Big Dreams Tour across America is going to be the biggest tour that the Dream Machine has ever done! We’re excited to make more impact than we’ve ever made, and we’re excited to be partnered with Kasasa and their community financial institutions because they’re the heartbeat of small town America.”

It doesn’t just end with the Small Town Big Dreams Tour. On November 3, for the first time ever, hundreds of community bank and credit union branches across the country will join Kasasa and Charlie Rocket to take part in the nationwide Best Day Ever event with the goal of performing 100,000 acts of kindness in a single day.

Each participating financial institution will host a local event to encourage community members to practice kindness and emphasize the importance of their contributions in preserving the vital human connection that is progressively disappearing from financial institutions.

About Kasasa 

Based in Austin, Texas, Kasasa® promotes community banks and credit unions and inspires people to bank locally so they can do more good. An award-winning fintech and marketing services company, Kasasa provides reward checking accounts people love, the first-ever loan with Take-Backs™, and ongoing expert consulting services to community financial institutions. Kasasa serves hundreds of community financial institutions nationwide, representing over 3 million consumer bank accounts across 3,400+ branches in all 50 states. Since 2003, Kasasa financial institutions have given back nearly $3 billion in rewards to Kasasa account holders. For more information, visit www.kasasa.com, Instagram, TikTokFacebook, or LinkedIn.   

About Charlie Rocket’s Dream Machine Foundation
The founder, Charlie Rocket, is a former music manager who was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the height of his career. He made the choice to return to his childhood dream of being an athlete. He ended up losing 125 lbs, completing an ironman and reversing his brain tumor. Charlie now dedicates his life to his foundation, the Dream Machine, with the aim of becoming a new type of millionaire: one that makes a million dreams come true. For more information, visit www.dreammachineusa.org and www.instagram.com/dreammachineusa or www.instagram.com/charlie


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