KryptoGO Unveils Innovative “Soul-cial” Feature at Token2049

SINGAPORE, Sept. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Leading Web3 infrastructure pioneer KryptoGO has released its innovative “Soul-cial” function for GameFi enterprise and community at the Token2049 conference held in Singapore. The technology was showcased in the KryptoGO Studio V1.1 release during the ABGA Gaming Summit, an event sponsored by the company, highlighting new social functionalities tailored to gamers and guilds.

The keynote address by Kordan Ou, founder and CEO of KryptoGO, titled “Fun or Earnings? Unleashing GameFi’s Social Community Potential with the Soul-Bounded Wallet,” discussed the dilemma faced by GameFi enterprise: whether to focus on providing an engaging gaming experience or to prioritize the financial returns of the game.

Kordan stressed the enormous potential of the GameFi community that could be unlocked through the soul-bounded wallet, attracting not only players but also investors. The presentation underscored the exciting opportunities for breakthroughs and innovations in blockchain gaming, emphasizing that now is the opportune moment for game developers and enterprises to embrace Web3 gaming.

To actively address the current triad of challenges facing the gaming sector — including issues with player identity circulation, the difficulties developers encounter when integrating various public chains, and the necessity to swiftly onboard existing customers to the Web3 world — KryptoGO proposed a comprehensive five-module solution – KryptoGO Studio, designed to facilitate businesses in their transition from Web2 to Web3 gaming.

The solution promises a seamless login experience and support with KYC customer verification, complemented by a Wallet Builder for rapid decentralized app development. This approach enables easy transactions for players while allowing enterprises to manage their assets effectively. With KryptoGO Studio V1.1 release, “Soul-cial” features integrated social experience with various token economies specifically for game community.

In collaboration with YGGJ and IVC, KryptoGO has crafted the world’s first dedicated blockchain wallet for GameFi, now successfully integrated into the GabeeTown information aggregation platform. This initiative aims to lower market entry thresholds and reduce development costs, thereby eliminating barriers to user entry.

Furthermore, the KryptoGO team engaged actively with nearly a hundred of Web3 brands, clients, partners, and talented individuals during the conference, exploring potential future collaborations and drawing inspiration. The dialogue opportunities with several corporations and ecosystem partners, including Google, Jumio, Elliptic, and the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), have laid a solid foundation for a more secure and transparent Web3 environment in the future.

About KryptoGO

KryptoGO is a leading brand advocating for the construction of a secure, transparent, and trustworthy Web3 world. Founded in 2019, KryptoGO utilizes blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, and regulatory technology to create a secure, reliable, and fully transparent decentralized virtual asset management platform for Web3 individuals and businesses. It serves as a robust bridge connecting on-chain assets with offline applications. The core engineering team has an average of over 10 years of development experience and hails from globally renowned internet companies and champions of Olympiad-level programming contests. They bring rich experience in open-source project development (with Github projects totaling over 25,000 stars), over 6 years of blockchain development experience, and hold more than 10 patents in artificial intelligence and blockchain. KryptoGO has not only achieved ISO 27001 and 27701 international certifications but also has attracted significant investment from capital sources like the National Development Fund, pushing its valuation over a hundred million. Current clients include banks, venture capital firms, and numerous virtual asset service providers. Its strategic partners are located both domestically and internationally, including the largest Web3 gaming guild YGG’s Japanese gaming guild, YGGJ.

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