Kryptonite Solutions Launches MRI Virtual Skylights to Improve Patient’s Experience –

Mumbai, India, May 26, 2024 –(– Kryptonite Solutions, a pioneer in healthcare technology development, has again set a new standard in patient care with the revolutionary MRI Virtual Skylights. These Virtual Skylights, a unique offering in the market, empower healthcare centres to deliver excellent patient experiences, setting a benchmark to enhance the healthcare journey.

The Virtual Skylights are not just a point of reference but a gateway to relaxation. By creating a bright and natural sky, they transform the MRI suite into a serene environment, reducing anxiety and enhancing patient comfort during procedures.

Virtual Skylights employ professional stretch materials with smooth facades designed for demanding applications. The proprietary daylight dynamic LED lighting brings the outdoors in without any of the stress or anxiety associated with construction dust or structural changes. The energy-efficient lighting system also ensures that the Virtual Skylight is both effective and sustainable.

Daylight-balanced light aims to improve the well-being of patients; the MRI Virtual Skylights system is energy efficient and suitable for use in demanding conditions thanks to high-quality materials. The customisation options make it possible to adjust the size, shape, and image itself – if the required format is not a square, a circle, or some other simpler form. Moreover, there is a huge number of pictures to choose from in order to achieve the desired atmosphere. The Virtual Skylights are designed for quick installation with a self-supporting frame and an architecturally shaped “reveal” for a flush appearance. Kryptonite Solutions also offers technical support services to facilitate maximum functionality.

Mr. Paras Doshi, the company’s founder, stated, “Kryptonite Solutions is committed to promoting the use of technology in the healthcare sector for the betterment of patients and their well-being. With MRI Virtual Skylights, we bring a new degree of comfort and relaxation to the MRI examination for the patient.”

Kryptonite Solutions is committed to delivering top-notch products that satisfy the evolving needs of healthcare facilities worldwide. Our commitment to innovation and patient-centred care enables us to remain industry leaders in healthcare technology.

About Kryptonite Solutions
Kryptonite Solutions is an Indian company that specialises in the development and distribution of healthcare technology products. Our goal is to assist healthcare centres in offering superior patient experiences by offering solutions like MRI Virtual Skylights and other products. As a provider of comprehensive healthcare solutions, Kryptonite Solutions is changing the face of medicine.