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New York, NY, May 17, 2024 –(PR.com)– Kubera Technology Holdings Corp. (KTH Corp.), a leading diversified technology company, today announced the strategic acquisitions of Reputection.com, a prominent digital marketing agency, and Kubera Management Corp., a branding and online development firm. Through these acquisitions, KTH Corp. aims to consolidate and strengthen its branding and online development capabilities, better supporting its growing portfolio of companies, subsidiaries, and future acquisitions.

The acquisitions will integrate Reputection.com and Kubera Management Corp. into a centralized hub for all branding and online initiatives under the KTH Corp. umbrella. This strategic move streamlines the company’s marketing efforts, previously managed by Kubera Management, by leveraging Reputection.com’s extensive expertise in digital marketing strategies and execution.

“The acquisitions of Reputection.com and Kubera Management Corp. align perfectly with our vision of enhancing our overall branding and online presence as we continue to expand our technology portfolio,” said Dominick M. Bianco, Chief Executive Officer of KTH Corp. “By bringing these talented teams and their invaluable resources under our umbrella, we can develop and execute comprehensive, tailored branding and online strategies to drive growth for our existing subsidiaries and future acquisitions.”

Reputection.com, with its proven track record of delivering exceptional digital marketing solutions, will spearhead KTH Corp.’s online marketing initiatives. The agency’s experienced professionals will collaborate closely with KTH Corp.’s leadership to develop and implement targeted strategies that cater to the unique needs of each subsidiary and acquired company.

The acquisition of Kubera Management Corp. further bolsters KTH Corp.’s branding and online development capabilities. Kubera Management Corp.’s expertise in brand management, website design, and online presence optimization will be instrumental in positioning KTH Corp.’s portfolio companies for success in their respective markets.

In addition to the strategic benefits, the acquisitions are expected to create significant synergies and efficiencies within KTH Corp.’s marketing operations, positioning the company for continued growth and long-term success in the technology sector. The consolidation will also provide immediate cash flow opportunities and significantly expand KTH Corp.’s customer base.

Furthermore, both Kubera Management Corp. and Reputection.com bring valuable domain portfolios to the table, which have appreciated substantially over the years. These domain portfolios not only provide a solid foundation for robust online branding efforts but also represent a valuable asset on the combined entity’s balance sheet. The consolidated domain portfolio is expected to generate additional revenue streams and enhance the overall financial strength of KTH Corp.

“We are thrilled to join forces with KTH Corp. and contribute our expertise to elevate their portfolio companies’ online presence and brand recognition,” said the CEO of Reputection.com. “Together, we can create powerful digital marketing strategies that drive success in the dynamic technology landscape.”

Dominick M. Bianco, CEO of Kubera Management Corp., added, “Combining our branding and online development capabilities with KTH Corp.’s resources and vision creates an unparalleled opportunity to propel their subsidiaries to new heights. We look forward to collaborating with the talented teams across the portfolio.”

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