Lake Drive Books Releases Survivor and Advocate Christa Brown’s “Baptistland,” Which Reveals the Culture Around Clergy Sexual Abuse –

Grand Rapids, MI, June 28, 2024 –(– It began with just wanting to tell the truth. But truth-telling has a way of snowballing. When Christa Brown first spoke out about the sexual abuse she endured in her Texas childhood church, she never imagined it would expose the ethical chasm at the core of Baptist churches in the South: male religious leaders so focused on institutional protection that they sacrifice the safety of children.

A book about speaking out and speaking up, Baptistland weaves together Christa’s revealing story of hope amid Southern patriarchy and religious fundamentalism. You’ll meet the young Christa who endures family dysfunction, the trauma of bodily desecration, and the death blows of a gaslighting church and faith community. Then you’ll meet the Christa who finds her voice and rises above the limited expectations of her given culture, taking tiny step after tiny step that led to so much goodness.

Ultimately, Christa Brown transforms into a vivid tree of life, rooted in love, individuality, and beauty. But it was unrelenting honesty, to herself and others, that guided her to this ordinary paradise. Baptistland speaks to the power of truth-telling – to ourselves, our relationships, and our institutions.

Published by Lake Drive Books, Christa Brown’s new book provides readers with a deeper understanding of clergy sexual abuse and how to move forward from its trauma, connecting to the Lake Drive Books mission of publishing books that help you heal, grow, and discover.

Consumers can purchase “Baptistland” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.