Libertarian Michael White Enters Previously Uncontested Arkansas State House Race in District 75 –

Little Rock, AR, February 28, 2024 –(– Race becomes Libertarian vs Democrat. Michael White Poised for Win.

Michael White has officially filed his candidacy for the Arkansas State Legislature in District 75, a previously uncontested race that presents the rare opportunity for a path to victory for a Libertarian candidate. A two way race, with no Republican candidate, White stands as the sole viable alternative for voters, eliminating concerns about “throwing away” votes and providing a compelling opportunity for change.

White gained national recognition during his 2022 Congressional campaign against incumbent French Hill, where his televised debate performance sparked conversations across social media platforms. A successful entrepreneur, White built and operated a wireless retail company across the southern United States before redirecting his focus to real estate, family life, and advocating for Liberty.

In his upcoming campaign, White aims to address three key pillars: taxation, education, and fostering constructive conversation. His platform resonates with a broad spectrum of voters, offering a pro-2nd Amendment stance, fiscal discipline, and a commitment to limited government that appeals to Republican constituents. Similarly, White’s views on criminal justice reform, free speech, and opposition to centralized power resonate with Democrat voters. As a Libertarian, White opposes centralized power, whether wielded by the government or large corporations.

“I believe in offering Arkansans a genuine alternative, a voice that prioritizes progress over partisan gridlock, a voice that stands not for party but for Liberty and the individual Arkansan.” said White. “By injecting a third voice into the legislature, we have the real opportunity to transform the nature of Arkansas politics and create a more inclusive and effective government that serves everyone, not just the politically connected and financial elite.”

With District 75 now a two-way race, White’s candidacy presents a rare and unique opportunity for voters to support a Libertarian candidate who truly represents their values and aspirations without fear. White urges District 75 Voters to embrace this chance to break free from the constraints of the traditional two-party system and usher in a new era of representation that prioritizes the interests of the people above all else.

For more information on Michael White’s campaign and platform, please visit MW4Liberty.COM

Media Contact: Michael White, 318.464.5506