Life Safety Alliance Announces Top 40 Global Thought Leaders in Security and Life Safety –

Medford, NJ, July 02, 2024 –(– The Life Safety Alliance (LSA), an organization dedicated to enhancing global life safety and security through partnerships and collaborations, today announced the results of its Top 40 Global Thought Leaders in Security and Life Safety. This new honor represents an effort to bring enhanced objectivity, transparency, and rigor to the process of identifying influencers and thought leaders in the field. The Life Safety Alliance is a not-for-profit organization open to all members of the security and life safety community.

The recognized contenders covered the spectrum from life safety, physical security, and cybersecurity to risk management, loss prevention, and intelligence. Honorees include practitioners, service and technology providers, researchers, academics, and other professionals from more than a dozen countries. (See list following announcement).

The inaugural group actually includes 41 honorees. An honorary award was granted to Andrii Lukashenko in Ukraine, who demonstrated extraordinary dedication to thought leadership while also serving in Ukraine’s armed forces in its war against Russia.

Candidates scores were calculated using a proprietary algorithm based on a variety of criteria, including conference presentations, webinar and podcast appearances, LinkedIn reach, courses taught, volunteer leadership positions held, among others, covering the period of January 1, 2023, through April 30, 2024. A formula weighed these criteria and issued a final tabulation.

After reviewing the credentials of hundreds of professionals in the life safety and security fields, LSA reached out to almost 200 candidates whom it identified as among the most prolific and active thought leaders in the industry. Candidates were offered the opportunity to supply evidence of the requested criteria to better capture their activities. For those who didn’t respond, the LSA searched for the information on LinkedIn and other social media platforms, blogs, professional publications and websites, conference agendas, and other open-source information repositories.

“We are delighted to announce the results of what we expect to be an annual recognition of the top thought leaders in life safety and security,” said Becky Lane, acting CEO of LSA. “It was an extremely competitive process, with so many of the candidates sharing impressive evidence of influence and thought leadership.”

Those who made the list will receive an LSA challenge coin commemorating their achievement as well as a virtual certificate.

George Bish, LSA Board Member and Co-Chair of the Membership Committee shared, “We would like to acknowledge the truly remarkable thought leaders in our industry, not only those that made the top 40, but the many others who enrich our community, offer insight, and provide value. The talent is simply amazing.”

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The Life Safety Alliance is a 501C3 not-for-profit organization supporting the international Security and Life Safety community by sharing knowledge, promoting best practices, and providing a platform for global networking. Our mission is to be a worldwide resource and authority on best practices for the Security and Life Safety industry through collaboration with trade associations, academic institutions, and members in areas of standards, professional development, technology innovation, research, and certification. Visit for more information, or our LinkedIn page at

LSA Top 40 Global Thought Leaders in Security and Life Safety (alphabetical order)
Brian Allen, Bank Policy Institute (USA)
Charles “Chuck” Andrews, Friends of Chuck (USA)
Rachel Briggs, The Clarity Factory (UK)
Chuck Brooks, Brooks Consulting International (USA)
Eric Sean Clay, Memorial Hermann Health System (USA)
Miranda Coppoolse, MC Global Security (Netherlands)
Chris Cubbage, My Security Media Pty. Ltd., Amlec House Pty. Ltd. (Australia)
Terry Cutler, Cyology Labs (Canada)
Shawnee Delaney, Vaillance Group (USA)
George De Marco, DECO Ventures LLC (USA)
Carlos Francisco, Corporate Security University (USA)
Jane Frankland, KnewStart (UK)
Michael Gips, Global Insights in Professional Security (USA)
Paul Goldenberg, Rutgers University Miller Center on Policing / University of Ottawa Professional Development Institute (USA/Canada)
Merlin Guilbeau, Electronic Security Association (USA)
Florian Haacke, PORSCHE (Germany)
Read Hayes, University of Florida, Retail Loss Prevention Research Council (USA)
Yolanda “Yoyo” Hamblen, The Security Circle and Cyber Security Leadership Podcasts (UK)
Kasia Hanson, Intel Corporation (USA)
Morgan Hertel, Rapid Response Monitoring (USA)
Mike Hurst, HJA Consulting / International Foundation for Protection Officers (UK)
Jonathan Kassa, ZeroNow (USA)
Totti Karpela, Peace of Mind Threat Management Company Ltd. (Hong Kong)
Andrii Lukashenko, Smart Risks Solutions Ukraine LLC (Ukraine), Honorary
Kirk MacDowell, MacGuard Security Advisors (USA)
Bruce McIndoe, McIndoe Risk Advisors (USA)
Dr. Adewale Peter Obadare, Digital Encode Limited (Nigeria)
Kevin Palacios, HELPS Latam (Ecuador)
Kavya Pearlman, XRSI-X Reality Safety Intelligence (USA)
Matthew Porcelli, Harvard Protection Services (USA)
Phelim Rowe, CTG Intelligence (UK)
Dr. Gavriel “Gav” Schneider, Risk 2 Solution Group (Australia)
Bruce Schneier, Counterpane Systems / Inrupt, Inc. (USA)
Sarb Sembhi, Virtually Informed Limited (UK)
Confidence Staveley, CyberSafe Foundation (USA/Africa)
Sandra Stibbards, Camelot Investigations (USA)
Alison Wakefield, University of West London (UK)
Peter Warmka, Counterintelligence Institute, LLC (USA)
Harold Wax, Pepsi Co. (Canada)
Tim Wenzel, Kroll (USA)
Alfredo Yuncoza, Arcus Group C.A. (Venezuela)