Louisiana Fish Fry Products Unveils a Crispy Transformation to Celebrate National Chicken Month


Meet Louisiana Chicken Fry! The No. 1 Chicken Deep Fry in the U.S., Serving Fried Chicken Fanatics in New Orleans and Nationwide

BATON ROUGE, La., Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hold on to your taste buds! Louisiana Fish Fry Products — a leading supplier of Louisiana-inspired batters, coatings, seasonings, sauces and boils — is putting chicken first for the rest of September to celebrate National Chicken Month. Under the direction of Chief Fry Officer Marcus Spears, Louisiana Fish Fry Products is transforming to “Louisiana Chicken Fry Products,” serving up mouthwatering fried chicken sandwiches, tenders and spicy wings made with the brand’s new At Home Seasoned Coating Mixes.

“We’ve always been about spicing things up and bringing that Louisiana taste to the table,” said Chief Fry Officer Marcus Spears. “That’s why, as Chief Fry Officer, I’ve declared that we’re changing the game – and our name – to show people that it’s easy to fry chicken with our At Home chicken products. Trust me, we’ll have everyone craving more fried chicken.”

This tasty transformation celebrates chicken “any way you fry,” from deep fry to oven fry, air fry and now, even skillet fry. Louisiana Chicken Fry Products tops the deep fry chicken category in the U.S., and recently launched easy skillet frying mixes since not everyone is a deep fry master like Chief Fry Officer Marcus Spears. These three new At Home chicken products were created for all consumers to cook up fried chicken in their own kitchen with just a stove and skillet:

  • Original Chicken Sandwich: Better than any fast food drive-thru sandwich. Just add a bun, pickles, mayo and boom. Delicious.
  • Mild Chicken Tenders: Seasoned just right to deliver a perfect, crisp bite every time.
  • Spicy Chicken Wings: Bursting with heat and flavor, these are delicious on their own or dipped in any sauce.

Consumers can make these fast food favorites at home for as little as a quarter of the cost of traditional fast food favorites. These new products are available in Walmart and on Amazon.com.

Hungry for more delicious excitement? Louisiana Chicken Fry Products will be serving thousands of fried chicken fanatics as a sponsor of the Fried Chicken Festival in New Orleans from Sept. 30 – Oct. 1. The first 100 chicken sandwiches sold by Louisiana Chicken Fry Products each day of the festival will be priced at $2.16 — the cost to make it at home. Following the special offer, consumers can enjoy popcorn chicken, fried catfish, hush puppies and dirty rice with ground beef for the remainder of the festival at the Louisiana Chicken Fry Products booth.

“We’re so excited about this partnership and look forward to providing our guests with the opportunity to sample these delicious Louisiana Chicken Fry Products first-hand at this year’s festival,” said Cleveland Spears, III, Fried Chicken Festival organizer and president/CEO of the Spears Group.

For those not attending the festival, Louisiana Chicken Fry Products are proudly sold in regional and national grocers including: Walmart, Kroger, H-E-B, Albertsons, Publix, and on Amazon and creolefood.com. Visit louisianafishfry.com or follow @lafishfry on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more information.

About Louisiana Chicken Fry Products

Here at Louisiana Chicken Fry Products, we believe Louisiana flavor isn’t just about what’s on the table – it’s about who’s around it. Born and raised in Baton Rouge over 40 years ago, Louisiana Fish Fry Products is a leading provider of Louisiana-inspired batters, coatings, seasonings, sauces and boils, by people who cook, for people who cook. We pride ourselves on providing quality, authentic ways for you to bring the essence of Louisiana to your table. Because life needs Louisiana flavor. For more information, visit louisianafishfry.com or follow @lafishfry on Instagram and Facebook.

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