Loveforce International Releases New Love Songs from Honey Davis, and the Loveforce Collective –

Santa Clarita, CA, February 14, 2024 –(– On Friday, February 16, Loveforce International will release two new love songs. The love songs will be by Honey Davis and The Loveforce Collective. The songs are part of their fifth annual “All Love Song February” event in which Loveforce International releases only love songs during the month of February.

The new single by Honey Davis is entitled “Prove That You Love Me.” It is a Trance-Rock song with House overtones. The beat is steady and constant. The instrumentation is energetic. Lyrically, it’s about a frustrated protagonist trying to convince his girlfriend to spend a romantic night together. It’s unusual in that it is a Trance song which features an electric guitar and an electrified type of autoharp. Most Trance songs feature synthesizers and a drum machine exclusively.

The new single by The Loveforce Collective is entitled “Hangin’ Out With Love On Our Minds.” It is a Smooth Jazz instrumental. The melody is played with a guitar. The style of playing is similar to the way George Benson played his guitar on his single “Breezin’.” It is hoped that this gives the song a sweet and romantic quality. The rhythm is steady and the bass line is constant. The combination of gentle, steady rhythm and instrumentation are meant to be pleasurable to the listener’s ear.

“This week we have a danceable love song by Honey Davis and a gently rhythmic Smooth Jazz instrumental by The Loveforce Collective,” said Loveforce International CEO Mark Thomas. “So whether you want to listen, dance, or just snuggle, we’ve got you covered,” he continued.

The Digital singles will be released to Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, iHeart Radio, YouTube Music, Deezer, KKBox, Pandora, Media Net, Amazon Music, Soundtrack by Twitch, Touch Tones, NetEase, Facebook, Instagram Stories, Tidal, BoomPlay, Snapchat, Pretzel, AudioMack, Yandex, Joax, Kuack, Adaptr, Qobuz, Flo, and TikTok, Resso.

For further information, contact Evan Lovefire at (661) 523-4954.