M. E. Krystyna Zins’s Newly Released “Making Hell Nervous: Walking Beside the Jordan: A Cycle of Poetry” is a Compelling Selection of Creative Verse – PR.com


Sacramento, CA, November 20, 2023 –(PR.com)– “Making Hell Nervous: Walking Beside the Jordan: A Cycle of Poetry”: a unique and engaging anthology. “Making Hell Nervous: Walking Beside the Jordan: A Cycle of Poetry” is the creation of published author M. E. Krystyna Zins, a retired special education paraprofessional-librarian who hails from northern California. The golden girl is a 4th generation Suttersville native whose patriarchal descendants were among the first to settle at Sutter’s Fort. A distant cousin was among the first to be married there to a Donner party survivor.

Zins shares, “Making Hell Nervous: Walking Beside the Jordan; A Cycle of Poetry contains a collection of witty, ironic, insightful, and somewhat quirky musings compiled over decades (1971–2021) and ending as the isolation period of the Novel virus evolved into ‘Ode to Novel Virus’ through unique and fortuitous turning of beloved phrases upside down to bestow novel meaning and breathing new life into them to describe overflowing emotions of love, loss, betrayal, intrigue, and mystique. This feature runs consistently through as imagery enlightens lyrical leanings to her roots (the Beatles, Donovan, Rick Springfield, Carly Simon), not to mention the theatrical influences (Les Mis, Grease, West Side Story). The Divide Motion Picture holds the distinction of inspiring ‘Desperado’ and ‘Come Home.’

“Though we all may see our reflections mirrored back, the author promises that angst and ennui of beloved characters’ ‘true stories’ actually exist. Beginning with herself (‘Sweet Ingenue,’ ‘Tired Young Girl’s Lament,’ ‘Gypsy’) and her sister (‘Bluer Than Skies’), then moving to the royal romance of Andrew and Fergie (‘Flying High’), and ending with political intrigue of Watergate (‘Guerrilla Warfare,’ ‘Scandals’).

“Most of the poems were written in the eighties, during the time of the romance and intrigue of Luke and Laura on General Hospital and the arrival of infamous Dr. Noah Drake (‘In Port Charles Town,’ ‘Doctor, Don’t You Know?’ ‘King of Heartache’).

“The premiere of Perry King’s directorial debut, The Divide Motion Picture awoke the dream hidden deep in her heart to publish this book. A sermon by T. D. Jakes brought to light the realization that God bestowed every word upon the poetess, especially the creation of the title as she gratefully discovered the meaning of following your dream to cross over the Jordan.

“May all who read this live long and prosper at a time such as this, of the Novel virus, as you too, ‘follow your dreams across the Jordan.’”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, M. E. Krystyna Zins’s new book will entertain and inspire as readers reflect on the complex themes found within.

Consumers can purchase “Making Hell Nervous: Walking Beside the Jordan: A Cycle of Poetry” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at Amazon.com, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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