MacFarlane Pheasants Prioritizes Humane Care and Safety in Response to Tornado Damage –

Janesville, WI, July 10, 2024 –(– Following the devastating tornado that struck Janesville on Saturday evening, MacFarlane Pheasants has launched comprehensive and swift recovery efforts to ensure the safety and well-being of its staff and birds.

Bill MacFarlane and his wife were among the first to arrive at the scene immediately after the storm, checking on the safety of team members and assessing the damage. The tornado caused the roofs of three brooder barns to collapse, endangering approximately 150,000 birds inside and allowing about 5,000 birds to escape from the barns. In addition, the tornado ripped through 16 acres of pens that housed 15,000 birds.

Understanding the potential risks to the birds, MacFarlane Pheasants worked closely with local authorities to close off Oak Hill Avenue. This measure was essential to prevent the birds from wandering onto roads and encountering traffic.
Starting at 5 AM on Sunday, MacFarlane’s dedicated staff arrived to address critical safety concerns and initiate plans to relocate the endangered birds. A structural engineer was brought in to evaluate the damage and provide expert guidance. With feed and water systems suspended due to the roof damage, the team prioritized manually delivering food and water to the birds. This was a delicate maneuver, as the structures holding our birds were not stable.

By the end of Monday, 30,000 birds had been moved to secure facilities, and by the end of Wednesday, 90,000 birds had been relocated. Mature birds were relocated to established outdoor pens, while others were transferred to secure buildings to ensure their continued care and safety.

Feed and water were placed outside the damaged barns to encourage the escaped birds to stay close. Over Monday and Tuesday, the team successfully rounded up 3,000 escaped birds and transferred them to a new location.

MacFarlane Pheasants deeply appreciates the overwhelming support from neighbors and community members during this challenging time. Their assistance has been crucial to the farm’s recovery efforts.

For 95 years, MacFarlane Pheasants has been guided by a profound commitment to humane practices. The farm’s response to this crisis is a testament to their enduring dedication to the well-being of their birds. Every decision during this period has been driven by a commitment to humane treatment, with the health and safety of their staff and animals as the top priority.