Manav Rachna Hosted the 3rd BRICS Council of Exercise & Sports Science Conference

The 2024 BRICSCESS Conference, organized by the School of Allied Health Sciences at Manav Rachna International Institute of Research and Studies (MRIIRS) in Faridabad, has raised the bar for academic conferences in health and sports sciences. This gathering brought together around 450 leading scholars, innovators, and professionals from around the globe for impactful discussions and networking opportunities, reshaping benchmarks in these ever-evolving fields.

A Global Conglomeration for Advancements in Exercise & Sports Sciences

A total of 103 papers and 75 posters were presented during the conference. It not only reflected the depth and breadth of research but also served as a testament to the diverse perspectives and expertise shared at the conference.

Enriching presence of BRICSCESS Executive Council at the Conference

A sequence of pre-conference workshops was meticulously organized, providing attendees with valuable insights and practical skills in various facets of health and sports sciences.

The conference witnessed the esteemed presence of the Executive Council of BRICS Council of Exercise & Sports Science who delivered keynote addresses enriching the conference with a diverse range of perspectives and in-depth knowledge, steering impactful discussions and shaping the conference into a significant milestone. Professor Hans De Ridder, President & Founding Secretary-General of BRICSCESS; Prof. Mingkai Chin (USA), Founder and President of The Foundation for Global Community Health; Dr Prashant Bhalla, President MREI and Patron, BRICSCESS; Professor (Dr.) G. L. Khanna, Pro Vice-Chancellor of MRIIRS, and Founding Member and Vice President, BRICSCESS; and Prof. Ricardo R. Uvinha, Secretary-General and Founding Member BRICSCESS were present during the four-day conference.

Notable keynote speakers, including Prof. Dr Myriam Guerra- Balic; Prof. Uri Schaefer; and Professor Stephen Kopecky of Mayo Clinic, USA shared invaluable insights into the realm of sports science, contributing to the enriching discussions and knowledge exchange. Expert-led oral presentations by Dr. Dhananjay Shaw, Dr. Mohit Dua, and Dr. Sridip Chaterjee offered valuable insights and encouraged dialogue among attendees.

A diverse array of invited speakers also added tremendous value to the conference, including Dr. Antonín Kuban, Prof. Gushchina Yulia; Dr. Ghanshyam Dokhrat; Prof. Serap Inal from Turkey, Dean and HOD, Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, Istanbul Galata University, Turkey; Assoc. Prof. G. Balasekaran from Singapore, President of the Asian Council & Exercise Sports Science, and ACSM Health Fitness Director; Assoc. Prof. Foong Kiew Ooi from Malaysia; Prof. Garry Kuan from Malaysia, Secretary-General of the Asian-South Pacific Association of Sport Psychology and Executive Board Member of the Asian Council of Exercise and Sports Science (ACESS), Larissa Pires from Brazil, of the Health Sciences Federal University; Dr. Kishore Mukhopadhyay, from Union Christian Training College in India; and many others.

The conference also witnessed the unveiling of a book titled “International Handbook of Sports and Exercise Science”. Notably, the Turkish Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation published 103 papers, while the Journal of Exercise Science and Physiotherapy featured 49 published papers.

A series of panel discussions were organized, wherein experts delved into insightful discussions providing a platform for in-depth exploration of topics such as interdisciplinary approaches in sports sciences, the innovative use of technology in health education, and strategies for seamlessly integrating physical activity into daily life. This forum served as a catalyst for fostering actionable strategies aimed at promoting a more active and health-conscious society.

The President Award of BRICSCESS was also bestowed upon Prof. Mingkai Chin (USA) for outstanding performance on the global stage of science.

Dr. Prashant Bhalla, President of MREI, emphasized the pillars of collaboration, innovation, and talent nurturing as essential elements for achieving excellence in sports and health sciences. He underscored India’s progression on the path of development, noting that the world is closely watching the country.

Dr. GL Khanna, Vice-Chancellor of MRIIRS offered insightful perspectives on the role of academic institutions in tackling contemporary challenges in health and physical education.

An outstanding aspect of the conference was the inventive “Brain Break” session conducted by Future Learning Volunteers (FLVs). This session was specifically crafted to rejuvenate and inspire both students and attendees.

A MoU was also signed between Dr Sanjay Srivastava, VC, MRIIRS and Prof. (Dr.) Yulia Gushchina, Dy Director International Affairs – RUND People’s University, Russia for the development of the common research in the field of reciprocal interest, and mutual exchange of experiences and information about teaching programs, scientific methods and techniques.

The cultural program, featuring Rahul Yadav & Team, provided a vibrant and creative interlude, displaying talent recognized on stages like India’s Got Talent & America’s Got Talent.

During the four-day conference, the platform served as a dynamic nexus for academic excellence and knowledge dissemination. The engaging sessions spanned various dimensions of health and sports sciences, featuring keynote addresses from renowned experts, interactive panel discussions, and hands-on workshops.