Manu Philip’s Newly Released “Sold Out: When You Sacrifice Your Life” is a Riveting Examination of Key Biblical Figures Sacrificial Journeys –

Coral Springs, FL, March 18, 2024 –(– “Sold Out: When You Sacrifice Your Life”: a helpful resource for biblical scholars. “Sold Out: When You Sacrifice Your Life” is the creation of published author, Manu Philip, who was awarded a Fokana Special Literary Award for 2020–2022 and was also awarded in Kerala Pentecostal North American Writers Forum.

Philip shares, “This book is a great eye-opener and a finger pointed toward our life for all those who sincerely want to lead a successful Christian life. It is a captivating, original, and thought-provoking work depicting the inner lives and thoughts of biblical figures in a journalistic format. This book written is capable of both asking and answering the important questions that pertain to these biblical characters. There is an interesting sense of coming full circle while reading this, with one of the oldest narratives being, in a sense, retold through this modern media-like format. The informal, conversational tone and clarity not burdened by superfluous jargon allows the reader to fully appreciate the discussions presented, offered with clear direction, detail, and striking honesty, transfixing the reader upon the work. The depth of research and analysis creates deeper connection to the reader in the confidence it offers as well as encouraging positive actions. The work elates in its accessibility, restorative for the reader regardless of personal faith or prior convictions. The well-balanced sensitivity and openness welcomes all readers to offer comfort. The assured writing style, attention to detail, and clarity of the arguments set out in the work make this book one that will intrigue and fascinate the target audience. This book is a very good guide for the pastors and believers for leading day-to-day life in a challenging world with new issues and problems. This is a read that has the potential to pull a reader to the edge of their seat and leave a lasting impression.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Manu Philip’s new book shares an engaging narrative, clear direction, and striking honesty, that creates a deeper connection for the reader, making it a valuable guide for pastors and believers navigating the challenges of day-to-day life.

Consumers can purchase “Sold Out: When You Sacrifice Your Life” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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