Margaret Krivchenia’s Newly Released “The Quest for The Cat’s Eye Ruby: A Four Cousins Mystery” is an Enthralling Adventure for Young Readers –

Trinity, FL, June 11, 2024 –(– “The Quest for The Cat’s Eye Ruby: A Four Cousins Mystery”: an exhilarating adventure of faith and friendship. “The Quest for The Cat’s Eye Ruby: A Four Cousins Mystery” is the creation of published author, Margaret Krivchenia, who grew up in Michigan and is a graduate of Wayne State University (BA) in Detroit and the University of Michigan (MA). She now resides in Florida with her husband and family, which includes her four grandchildren who are the inspiration for the beloved Four Cousins Mystery Series, the detective and adventure novels for the eight-to-twelve age range.

Krivchenia shares, “The breathtaking Chimney Rock State Park and Lake Lure in North Carolina is where the four cousins, Kate, Emma, Harrison, and Parker, are traveling with their parents for a two-week family vacation. Rock climbing, swimming, hiking, exploring, horseback riding, and a treetop adventure are all part of the fun they’re anticipating. Their parents have rented a house on the shores of Lake Lure, right across the serene waters from a rather creepy-looking, eerie house on the opposite shore. Emma senses that something is amiss immediately. From the moment that she passes Chimney Rock Mountain, she hears the word hidden in her mind. She quietly tells Harrison, and the adventure soon begins as the mystery unfolds.

“The four cousins meet new friends at the Gemstone Mine in Chimney Rock Village. Hannah, Brie, Henry, and Travis have moved there with their dad from Painted Canyon, Wyoming. Their dad has a dangerous secret to keep, and he has fled to this small town to hide from relentless pursuers.

“Unfortunately, he and his family, unbeknownst to him, have been hunted and found by this evil individual and his captive crew. There is a family heirloom that this man covets, and he is determined to have it.

“Soon, the four cousins become embroiled in this new adventure and mystery as they try to help them. Once again, they are faced with harrowing adventures as they are chased through Chimney Rock Mountain with all its caves, narrow rock-strewn trails, and frightening drop-offs.

“Hold your breath as you enjoy the heart-stopping moments as Kate, Emma, Harrison, and Parker attempt to save their friends and bring peace and hope to a needy family as well as save Peter and his father, the unwilling participants in Jackson’s diabolical scheme. It will take all their combined ingenuity to navigate the traps set by the man consumed by his desire to have the Cat’s Eye Ruby for himself.

“This is a tale of the four cousins’ belief in one another; their love for Hannah, Brie, Henry, Travis, and their dad; and most of all, their trust in God to save them all.

“Curl up in a chair and settle down for a thrilling ride through the pages of ‘The Quest for the Cat’s Eye Ruby.’”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Margaret Krivchenia’s new book invites readers on a journey filled with suspense, friendship, and faith. With each turn of the page, young readers will be transported into a world of excitement and intrigue as the four cousins race against time to outwit the villain and save the day.

Consumers can purchase “The Quest for The Cat’s Eye Ruby: A Four Cousins Mystery” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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