Maria Dello’s New Book “Theodor Says: Dogs Are People Too!” is an Adorable Story Exploring the Ways in Which Dogs Have Feelings and Needs That Make Them Just Like People –

Old Westburry, NY, January 15, 2024 –(– Fulton Books author Maria Dello, a published author, nutritionist, and a devoted friend to dogs, has completed her most recent book, “Theodor Says: Dogs Are People Too!”: a charming story that follows the life of Theodor the German Shepherd and shows how dogs enjoy the same kinds of activities that humans do, like going on walks and seeing friends, eating healthy, and visiting the dog when they feel sick.

Growing up on Long Island, author Maria Dello has always treated dogs like members of her human family. It was at a very young age that Maria looked into her pet dog’s eyes and thought, “Theodor Says: Dogs Are People Too!” It’s this special connection and compassion for animals that drives her to make the world a better place for them. As a nutritionist, she uses her expertise and knowledge in the field to develop customized plans that cater to canine nutritional needs. Along the way, she has helped many pet parents achieve optimum health for their dogs. In her free time, Maria also devotes herself to rescue work and obedience training for puppies, readying them for their forever homes.

Dello writes, “Dogs are people too! Could it be true? With easy-to-read text and colorful illustrations, kids can follow Theodor the German Shepherd in his journey as he illuminates a different way of looking at dogs.

“Let Theodor show you that dogs have needs and feelings. They get hungry and need to go on walks. They also need love and they enjoy making friends. In all these ways, dogs are just like people!

“This is a story for parents who are looking to prepare their children for pet ownership, but most of all, it is a story that serves to teach children a very valuable lesson in kindness and having empathy for our fur friends.”

Published by Fulton Books, Maria Dello’s book is inspired by the author’s lifelong love of dogs and will delight readers of all ages as they discover all the experiences and adventures that Theodor, and other dogs, have throughout the day. By sharing her story, Maria hopes that readers will see dogs as furry friends with needs and feelings, just like people.

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