Maxine E. Smith’s Newly Released “Droplets of Life: Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall” is a Passionate Celebration of All God Offers –

Detroit, MI, November 23, 2023 –(– “Droplets of Life: Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall”: a potent reminder of the need to be present and thankful with God. “Droplets of Life: Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall” is the creation of published author Maxine E. Smith, who was born during the tribulations of the Great Depression and helped to clear the way for current female ministers by serving others through prison ministry in the 1970s.

Smith shares, “Who said life is just a dream? The human experience is a real living event. This book will take you on a journey of a little girl—misused and abused—but through Christ overcame her many obstacles. Life taunts, and it urges the will of man to yield to its system. You and I are the strongest as we stand in faith. You are never too old to realize who you are. I was in my forties when I received the Holy Spirit and accepted the Lord in my life as ruler and Lord. As the singer Tremaine Hawkins sang, ‘He changed my life, and now I am free.’

“In the best of times and the worst of times, whether we like the changing times that take place in our lives or not, we must keep pushing onward toward the goal, the purpose God has set before us. We need God’s favor working in our lives to keep up with the fast pace of these changing times. When we find we have missed the mark, repent and ask for forgiveness. God is in the soul-saving business. He will hear your honest cries to him. He loves the humbled soul, the repenting heart; he hates the proud and boastful.

“As the scenes of life play out, every passing moment counts in our lives. We must avail knowing we live in the valley of decisions. Someone once said, ‘Walk softly and carry a big stick. You will go far.’ We have come to earth from an incredibly special place in God’s heart; we will return to that special place, where we will meet our creator. What will we have to show him from our visit to earth?

“As the wheels of life turn, we learn to cope with the dust storms that arise from living. How you choose to receive God’s droplets of life is up to you. Give thanks to Almighty God for the strength to go through, and live on the other side of the storms that must come.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Maxine E. Smith’s new book encourages readers to gain perspective through reflection and prayer.

Consumers can purchase “Droplets of Life: Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

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