Merrillville Metal Recycling Joins Recycled Media Syndicate as “Recycled Indiana”

BOISE, Idaho, Sept. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Recycled Media, a pioneering force in reshaping the marketing landscape of the recycled materials industry, is delighted to welcome Merrillville Metal Recycling as a vital addition to their Recycled Syndicate. Joining as “Recycled Indiana,” the team at Merrillville Metal Recycling brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to sustainability.

“The recycled materials industry has flown under the radar for years, decades and generations. Our industry is a vital part of the economy, environment and communities we operate in. Recycled Media is teaming up with key partners in a variety of geographical areas to help spread the recycling message in today’s marketing language. Recycled Media is proud to launch Recycled Indiana with Merrillville Metal Recycling to give another voice to the industry to help attract the next wave of talent, business opportunities and local connections,” said Jennifer Betts, CEO of Recycled Media.

Merrillville Metal Recycling will be the powerful force behind Recycled Indiana. In partnership with Recycled Media, Recycled Indiana will follow a multi step plan to build its brand and grow its business. Utilizing everything from podcasts to social media to online reviews, Recycled Media will take the anxiety away from posting online and help its partners feel confident in growing their brand and business.

“The team at Merrillville Metal Recycling shares our passion for the recycled materials industry and looking for a new way to market our world online. Our industry has struggled to accurately convey our contributions to the economy and environment. With the addition of Recycled Indiana, the recycling industry adds another voice to encourage others to join our industry, engage with our businesses and ultimately grow the recycled materials industry,” said Betts.

About Merrillville Metal Recycling

Merrillville Metal Recycling is a first-generation scrap metal recycling operation. The founder, Jake Bronstein, embarked on the journey into the recycling industry when a transformative visit to General Iron Industries in Chicago at the age of 13 sparked his interest. This early inspiration catalyzed his unwavering dedication to recycling, which was further nurtured during his initial employment at Maine Scrap Metal, where he had the privilege of being mentored by the late Bobby Katz.

Years of dedication and passion culminated in Bronstein’s entrepreneurial endeavor – the founding of Merrillville Metal Recycling. Under his stewardship, the business not only flourished but expanded to encompass two facilities with the acquisition of Benton Metal Recycling. Bronstein’s commitment to the industry extends beyond ownership, as he has actively sought opportunities for strategic partnerships, joint ventures, and equity investments within the recycling industry.

Bronstein’s journey is a testament to his deep-rooted passion for commodities, his appreciation for his team members, and the profound influence of his late mentor, Bobby Katz.

Bronstein’s inclusion in the Recycled Media network marks a significant step forward in their mission to revolutionize the marketing landscape of the recycled materials world. Together, they are poised to make a lasting impact and drive positive change within the recycling industry.

About Recycled Media

Recycled Media, headquartered in Idaho, is at the forefront of transforming the recycling sector’s marketing landscape. Their avant-garde media strategies shine a spotlight on opportunities and emphasize the importance of metal recycling. Founded in 2019 by Brett Ekart, owner, and CEO of United Metals Recycling, Recycled Media has excelled in podcast production, social media outreach, and brand recognition.

With an unwavering commitment to raising awareness in an industry often overlooked, Recycled Media produces over a dozen podcasts a month and is poised for further expansion. The company’s proven methods have yielded remarkable results, and their goal is to extend these successful strategies to their clients.

SOURCE Recycled Media