Metro Sean Heller’s Newly Released “Willing Pawn” is a Compelling Fiction That Will Delight the Imagination –

Wrightsville, PA, February 16, 2024 –(– “Willing Pawn”: an engaging and action-packed contemporary fiction. “Willing Pawn” is the creation of published author, Metro Sean Heller.

Heller shares, “In 1994, the US government sent three volunteers on a secret mission to unearth the truth.

“FBI Senior Field Operative Michael Buliva—A man willing to risk his life to please a father figure within the Bureau: Buliva longed to reach out to this ‘father figure’ who knew his heart, his pain, and the struggles he endured. But at the same time, the agent was sickened with the thought that this was just another ploy to use him one last time.

“Professor Mark Sterner—A young scientist with such a volatile discovery, he is required to be under twenty-four-hour surveillance, not for his protection but the country’s: ‘As your bodyguard, I need full access into your life. From now on, where you go, I go. You enter your room only after I have surveyed it, is that understood?’

“’Isn’t this a bit, awkward? Is it normal to have a woman guarding a man?’

“Without blinking, she countered, ‘Everyone believed it would make you feel more comfortable.’ She lied with her hand still held out for the key.

“’No, my room is out of bounds for you, period.’

“’I will take it from you if I have to, period.’

“Mark gulped. With her hand still outstretched, her blazer opened just enough for him to notice a shoulder strap, which most likely led to a handgun. He was shocked. His mind quickly tried to come up with other options, but none came to him. He handed her the key.

“CEO of Ameri Bank, Stephen Levi—With a photographic memory needed for the mission, this volunteer was so desirable he had to be coerced.

“As Robert walked by Levi, who remained seated, the CEO took hold of his wrist as he stated, ‘Why do I still feel like a little pawn in a big game of chess?’

“’A willing pawn, Mr. Levi, I might add!’ Robert quickly responded.

“’Only if you don’t take blackmail into consideration,’ Stephen fired back.

“A story of faith, hope and love, blooming above the lies.”

Published by Christian Faith Publishing, Metro Sean Heller’s new book offers readers a classic law enforcement narrative with a clever, fresh spin.

Consumers can purchase “Willing Pawn” at traditional brick & mortar bookstores, or online at, Apple iTunes store, or Barnes and Noble.

For additional information or inquiries about “Willing Pawn,” contact the Christian Faith Publishing media department at 866-554-0919.